8 Things To Do During “Boy’s Night Out”

8 Things To Do During "Boy's Night Out" 1
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By H. Daniels

In the beginning of any relationship, it is healthy and normal to feel a bit clingy. You always want to spend time with each other. You always want to do things together. The newness hasn’t worn off yet and you don’t find their little quirks annoying. If you’re still in that stage when you move in together, it can get to the point where it feels a bit…constricting.

You both need to have time set aside to do things separately. Yes, this probably means that your guy “needs” a boy’s night out. I don’t know what it is about “boys night out” but I always think Vegas and strippers are involved when most of the time it just means bar, beer, golf, and talking about sports and/or work.

If you find yourself alone while your man is out with the boys, what are you to do? Fretting over what they’re doing is not an option here. If you are in a relationship, you have to be able to trust him enough to go out with his friends. Otherwise, what kind of relationship are you guys in? So what do you do? Why not try something on this list of “8 things to do while your boys is out with the boys”.

#1) Take a Bath

8 Things To Do During "Boy's Night Out" 2
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When your boy is out and if you don’t have any kids for the night, there’s nothing more relaxing than a quiet bath. Maybe turn on some tunes? Sip some champagne. Bring in some strawberries and a good book and enjoy the solitude.

#2) Get Naked

When you move into your own house you find the freedom of doing anything you want exhilarating. However, running around naked (when you have a boyfriend or a husband) normally leads to a romp in the bedroom. While that is all fun and dandy, sometimes the feeling of being sans clothes is a prize in and of itself.

So go ahead. Strip down and make dinner (as long as it doesn’t splatter). Do the laundry. Watch a movie. Just make sure the curtains are shut.

#3) Watch A Chick Flick

8 Things To Do During "Boy's Night Out" 3
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Or rather, watch something that he normally wouldn’t want to watch with you. It’s amazing how much you will enjoy that movie more without the extra whining (and he will love you for not making him watch it after all).

#4) Do Something Artistic

Creating art (whether it is by pencil, paint, or writing something) is hard when there are distractions and other people around. Sometimes it takes some peace and quiet in order to get the creative juices flowing. Bust out your blank canvas or your empty journal and create something special.

#5) Go Out

No one says that you have to stay at home when he’s out. Go out on the town yourself if you don’t mind doing it alone. Go out to a café and listen to your favorite hometown band. If it’s daylight, go out to the beach and read a book.

#6) Learn Something New

8 Things To Do During "Boy's Night Out" 4
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Learning new things is something that everyone should continue doing because it creates new synapses in your brain and helps ward off the onset of Alzheimer’s. Why not start now? There are dozens of new activities and hobbies that you can learn and enjoy. Pick up crocheting, knitting, or sewing. Bonus is that you get to make some cute outfits and accessories.

Make plans for your own vegetable garden (potted or plot a section of your backyard for it). Make your own board game. Become a better cook and bake your favorite decadent treat.

Pick up a subject that you always wanted to learn. Try the Kahn Academy. It is a website that hosts hundreds of videos that help teach you the basics (and then some) of subjects in math and science. I’m talking economics, computer science, astronomy, organic chemistry, calculus, etc. There are even some art history videos. The best part? It’s all free!

#7) Call Some Friends Over

If you don’t feel like being by yourself, then call some friends over. Have your own girls’ night out (or in). Having girl time is always a necessity.

#8) Do Something Silly

Jump on the bed. Bake cookies. Pull a Risky Business. Really let yourself go. Being an adult is such hard work. We all should have ways to unwind. Sometimes it takes something silly to really help us let loose and relax. Give yourself this night where you don’t have to follow “adult” rules (just make sure that it’s not illegal). You don’t have to turn in the TPS report. You just have to have fun.

The list of things that you can do are endless and none of those things involve fretting over your boyfriend or husband. Trust them and let go so you can enjoy your night as well.

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