8 Reasons Men Can Be Baffling & Why We Love It

Image by: zenjazzygeek
By Bailey Campbell

Sometimes when you are looking at your man, you realize that he may very well be from another planet.  After all, when he lights fireworks in his hand or tells you he’s in training for the infamous “beer mile” you are reminded of just how different men really are. Here are some of the funniest, craziest, most heart-warming ways our male counterparts baffle us, but deep down we love them for it.

#1) How Much Food They Can Eat

Men have their limits just like the rest of us, but sometimes those limits surpass ours in such extreme ways that we wonder why we were born women. You’re over there eating a sensible salad and he’s devouring an entire pizza…for lunch. Some of those dining habits gross us out but for the most part we’re just a little jealous that he doesn’t need to consider whether key lime pie for dessert is a good idea or not.

#2) How Poorly They Handle Pain

Men think they know what it’s like to feel pain, but they don’t have anything to compare to debilitating period cramps and child birth. We might gently tend to them while they huff and haw over a splinter but inside we’re always thinking “come talk to me when it feels like your uterus is falling out”.

#3) Their Singular Focus

How men can truly sit glued to the TV baffles us sometimes. We like to enjoy our programs as well, but we usually can hear everything going on around us and get annoyed when we can’t focus. They don’t seem to have that issue as much and can block out unnecessary noises around them, sometimes even when we’re trying to talk to them! But, we do admire their ability to stop worrying about the rest of the world (and the errands that need to get done) for a solid period of time.

#4) How They Show Emotion Differently

Women are the more likely gender to tear up at an emotional commercial, and men aren’t usually moved quite as much by so little. But what we love about this, is that when they do show that sort of  emotion we can be totally sure that they mean it.

#5) Their Ability to Move On

When we get in a fight with pretty much anyone the pain of it can go on and on, but men seem more adept at getting it out and walking away whether the issue is actually resolved or not. As challenging as it can be to work things out with two different communication styles on deck, we kind of admire that they don’t seem to let things pull them down in the dumps. They seem to step away from the issue and move on whether it still exists or not.

#6) The Weird Ways that They Can Be Cute

It can totally baffling to have an awkward guy come up to you and stumble over his words but you still find him totally adorable. We don’t tend to feel too cute when we’re having an awkward moment ourselves but somehow they can seem so charming despite their nervousness. Really anything that comes across as genuine and authentic can come across as attractive, and it’s a good lesson for us to keep in mind when we’re projecting ourselves to the world. (Not that we’ll probably ever feel cute stumbling over our words.)

#7) How Many Hobbies They Have

Some could argue that men have more time in the day without having to beautify that women to do, and they sure to fill it with a lot of different activities. He might playing a game of pick of basketball, shopping for his record collection, and attending a live sporting event all in the same afternoon. For some men this plays out in having any uncanny recollection for facts about his favorite movie or svn being a collector. It’s cute really how much energy they can invest in the fun things in life amidst all the other important things we need to use out brain for.

#8) Male Friendships

We tend to get together with our girlfriends and somehow have one million personal things to talk about, while guys seem to get together and don’t as much. They talk alright, but about more generalities, their workouts, and the world at large then the current workplace drama and what to do about dry skin. It’s hard for us to imagine switching dialogues with them in our friendships, but we also love it. They don’t waste a lot of time gossiping or worrying about people that don’t really affect their lives anyway.

Are there any other things that baffle you about men but you secretly respect or adore? Let us know or if you’ve noticed any of these points before!

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