8 Homemade Valentine’s Gifts For Your Man

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Valentine's day gifts
Image by: Jeff Kubina
By H. Daniels

Valentine’s Day is a special time when you get to express your love to your man. While you should be doing this for him every day, this is a time when you can devote the entire day to him. My boyfriend and I will often take the weekend and take-off to some unknown location – somewhere where we can be alone.

But since we spend our money on the trip, I will often make him a homemade Valentine’s Day present. If you’re strapped for cash this year or if you’re like us and want to spend your money on a trip, try out some of these homemade Valentine’s Day gifts.

Try to keep some of these things in your mind while you’re thinking about what to make your man:

Men love sexy ladies. If you can’t find something for him, why not try to find something that he would enjoy….ahem, on you. Some romantic bedroom time doing things that he will enjoy is always a Valentine’s Day classic. So are Panty-grams. Just saying.

Ask yourself these questions: What you both like to do together? What is his favorite hobby? What would he like to spend more time doing? What do you love about him? Who is his hero? Where is his favorite place? His favorite food? His favorite color? Remember that this is about what your boyfriend is like, not about what you want him to be.

All right, let’s get down to business, shall we?

#1) For The Well-Read Man

While women do have a tendency of being more avid readers than men, it’s not true for everyone. Literary men are rare so if you do have one, treasure him like he is the Holy Grail of men. Anyway, there are some wonderful gifts out there for book-loving men. Try some of these out for size.

Book Gift Baskets You can get these premade or you can make them yourself. Just find out who his favorite author is and try to find some background info on his favorite novels and some of the books that he doesn’t have. What do you put in it? Books (or a gift card for his e-reader), tea, tea cakes, his favorite snack that won’t leave him with sticky fingers, wine, biscotti, coffee…

book lover gift basket
Image by: mothernaturebeauty

#2) For The Man Who Doesn’t Like Chores

Well, no one does, to tell you the truth. I’m just saying that men don’t like it either. So if you’re living together, throw some chore coupons his way. You can go out and buy some or you can make them at home with some cardstock, scissors, and markers.

#4) ”Get Out Of Jail Free Cards”

Sometimes guys are just …well, guys. Sometimes they don’t understand when they hurt our feelings or when they do something insensitive. Instead of the traditional “get out of jail free” cards, why not try a “Definition, please?” card (where you have to tell him what’s wrong – truthfully – instead of insisting that he has to figure it out) or a “Pause” card to use in the middle of a fight.

#5An “All About You” Basket

Make a list of all of the reasons why you love him:

He’s a great handyman.
He’s a romantic at heart.
He’s sweet and caring.
He always knows how to make me laugh.

Then attach those to items that correlate (i.e. attach the “He’s so sweet and caring” strip to a candy bar.) and then place all of those things in a basket for him.

#6“52 Reasons I Love You”

Print out 52 reasons that you love your man and print them out on little sheets of paper. Cut them out and glue each one to a deck of cards. Punch a hole in the corner of the cards and connect them together using a binder ring (they can be found at Staples).

#7“Open If…” Letters

All you need for this one is a handful of envelopes, some paper, some pictures of you, and pens. On each envelope, write down one of these statements:

Open if you miss me.
Open if you need a laugh.
Open if you are mad at me.
Open if you’re at home sick.
Open if I’m mad at you.
Open if you don’t feel loved.

Write down other ideas on the other envelopes as you see fit. In each envelope, write a letter to your man (making him feel better), put in a goofy/sweet/sexy/saucy/romantic picture of you (whatever suits the letter), and maybe even put in something a little extra: a Hershey’s Kiss, some rose pedals, etc.

open if letters
Image by: motiqua

#8Funny Faces

Get yourself a nice picture frame (or two), a really nice scrapbook page (or pictures of the two of you), and some dry erase markers. If you can snag a picture of you with your mouth open like you’re going to say something (and the same picture of him), that will make this project even more fun.

Okay, so frame the pictures of yourselves or frame the scrapbook paper and you’ve got yourself a nice dry erase board where you can leave sweet messages for each other when you leave for work in the morning. The dry erase markers will just wipe right off of the glass.

You can even make it a special place where you can write different reasons why you love each other by framing a sheet of nice paper that says “I love you because __________”, then just fill in the blank.


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