7 Unique Homemade Gifts for Father’s Day

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By H. Daniels

Just like being a mother and wife isn’t the easiest job in the world, neither is being a father and husband. You both have trials and tribulations. Celebrate your husband’s fatherly accomplishments with these creative, “homemade” gifts and treats for your man. Think beyond homemade ash trays

#1) Annual “It’s All About Daddy” Day AKA “Quiet Day”

The night before Father’s Day, take your children aside and talk with them about why it is important to be on their best behavior on Father’s Day. Tell them that you want them to show their father just how well he’s taught them. No tantrums. No fighting. Remind them to remind their dad just how special he is to them.

Give your husband the control of the remote for the day. Have your kids help make him his favorite dinner. Go out and by his favorite brand of whiskey or beer. Give him a free pass to the golf course.

#2) Save Money on Father’s Day Cards

Save money on Father’s Day cards by having your kids make their own. Cards normally get thrown away anyway so make this one special by having your kids tell him about their favorite moment with their dad in the past year. Challenge your kids to make something that he’ll want to hang on the fridge or in his office.

#3) Countdown Until Father’s Day

It almost seems unfair that an important role like a father is only celebrated one day out of the year. Extend the holiday by making an advent calendar for the month of June. This year it will fall on June 15th, 2014 so clear off a section of your wall in the living room. Put up 15 envelopes (make them those big manila envelopes and label them with the date. Let your kids decorate them too.

In each envelope put in a letter from you and the kids explaining one reason why he is a great father. Have the kids pick out a treat for each envelope as well: a little baggie of golf tees, his favorite candy bar, a hand drawn picture of the family, etc.

On the 15th, fill the envelope with confetti and an invitation to “Chateau [INSERT YOUR LAST NAME HERE]”. Pamper him with breakfast in bed, go out and get his favorite movie, and have the kids make him something special.

#4) Date Jar

Being parents mean that there is less time for the both of you to spend some quality time alone. So for Father’s Day, why not gift him something that you both can enjoy: a date jar.

All you need for this is a mason jar, some Popsicle sticks, a pack of markers (or some paint), and a permanent marker. Divide the Popsicle sticks into three even piles and pick a color for each pile. One pile (and coordinating color) will be for expensive dates, one will be for moderately priced dates, and the other will be “stay at home” dates.

Along with the jar, you and your hubby will have to plan on scheduling regular date nights so that you can both connect and strengthen your relationship and bond.

I suggest you can both make the ideas together (just get everything ready for him), however that depends on your man. Some men don’t like making decisions while others would like equal say when it comes to gestures like this.

If your husband isn’t a big, planner and likes the occasional, spontaneous surprise, I suggest making preplanned, prepaid date nights that you can stick in a basket. Plan everything out for a date once a month. Put the details, money, and directions (or even some lingerie) in a manila envelope and label it with the month. All you have to do afterwards is to coordinate your schedules (and a babysitter).

#5) Hero Gift Box

Have your kids plan a “Hero Gift Box” for their father. You can go out and buy a sturdy wooden box or basket for them to put presents in. Have them decorate it and write a letter to their dad, explaining why he is their hero. Then take them to town and help them pick out presents to put in the box or basket.

#6) Date Night With Daddy

This is a great idea if your husband and kids like to hang out (also, it gives you a free quiet night). For this gift, you’ll been an index card box, a pack of index cards, and some markers. Have your kids write activities that they like to do with their father: picnic in the park, play catch, watch a movie, go to the indoor rock climbing facility, ride bikes, go to a baseball game, etc.

Then, once a month or once a week, your husband can pick a card out of the box and they can go on a spontaneous date night with their dad!

#7) Give Him Something Special

Have the kids go to bed early (or have them stay over at a friend’s house). Put on something special for your man and enjoy having the bedroom (or house) to yourself. Don’t forget to tell him just how wonderful and appreciated he is.


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