6 Tips For Transitioning Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring

6 Tips For Transitioning Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring  1
Image by: Meagan Tintari
By Harper Finch

We are so over winter, right? It’s time to shed all those bulky layers and feel the sun’s warmth on our skin again. But moving from winter into spring can be tricky when it comes to fashion. Women want to be in style without spending a ton of cash on a whole new wardrobe and we want to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has to throw at us. Cold and rainy one day; warm and sunny the next? We can handle it with a little planning.

If you are counting down the days to the end of winter, and are wondering how you are going to carry your winter wardrobe into spring, consider the following tips:

#1) Keep Tights and Leggings In Play

If you’re anxious to start wearing your pretty spring dresses but the weather is still just a little too chilly, tights are your best friend. Since spring is a great time to play with colors and patterns, try some pastel or pretty, printed tights.

If you want to keep your leggings in play, replace that thick sweater that you’ve been wearing all winter with a long, light-weight top.

6 Tips For Transitioning Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring  2
Image by: AnnieAnniePancake

#2) Keep Light Sweaters Out

It might be time to free up some closet space by getting those wool sweaters and heavy coats out of there, but you should hang onto cardigans and light-weight sweaters for a while. Spring sweaters work well with jeans, skirts, dresses, and more.

A cardigan is versatile enough to replace a jacket for the office or Sunday brunch. The backless sundress is on trend for this spring but, to pull it off, you might need that cardigan when the temperature drops in the evening.

6 Tips For Transitioning Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring  3
Image by: Atena

#3) Scarves

Chunky, knit scarves will have no place in your spring wardrobe, but scarves made of lighter fabrics still have some use. Keep them around for days when there is still a bit of a chill in the air. If you stick to scarves with light, spring colors, you can’t go wrong. Wear them with a dress or a light-weight sweater. They even add some style to a simple t-shirt.

Stick to scarves that are light and airy. And make sure you are wearing them properly. An effortless drape is perfect; a snug fit is out of place on warmer days.

6 Tips For Transitioning Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring  4
Image by: Meagan Tintari

#4) Layer Lighter Items

Layering helps you prepare for unpredictability. When it’s cold in the morning but warm and sunny in the afternoon, you are going to want to be in an outfit that is adaptable for whatever the weather might bring.

Thrown a cardigan or blazer over a spring top, and add a scarf. Then all you have to do is remove the scarf and jacket to stay comfortable when the noon air gets warmer. Layering not only keeps you comfortable in fluctuating weather, it also brings versatility to your wardrobe.

6 Tips For Transitioning Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring  5
Image by: Meagan Tintari

#5) Mix Weights

Spring is the best time to mix fabric weights. If you have a wool skirt that you still want to wear to the office, try pairing it with a chiffon blouse. If it is going to be a little chilly that day, add tights for warmth. Even your velvet blazer can be worn in the spring, if you wear thin layers underneath. And a warm sweater goes great with a tank. The options are truly endless.

6 Tips For Transitioning Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring  6
Image by: Meagan Tintari

#6) Throw In Some Color

Spring styles always call for more color in your wardrobe. Take your cue from nature and add some pretty spring colors–pink, yellow, coral, or green–to warm up your winter neutrals.

There are hundreds of ways you can add a quick pop of color. Brightly-colored flats or sandals make a great replacement for those black boots you’ve been wearing to stomp through snow. A floral-printed handbag brightens up any outfit.

If you’re hesitant to add a lot of color, start with something small–your nails. Nails are a great way to add color every single day. Not to mention, treating yourself to a mani/pedi is a great way to start off the spring season.

6 Tips For Transitioning Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring  7
Image by: Krystal K.

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