6 Must Knows Before You Decide to Take Any Kind Of Birth Control

Image by: Nate Grigg
By Avril Reyes

Birth control. The hormonal kind is not for every woman, for a variety of reasons. But nowadays there are many options that you might not know about. We want to make your final decision a little easier so we compiled some helpful information to help you sort out all your choices. Here is what you need to know about the medicine itself and the effects it could have on your body.

#1) How It Relates to Cancer

The hormonal birth control pill has been linked to both increases in cancer and also decreases, depending on how you look at it. The pill has actually been shown to reduce the odds of getting ovarian and endometrial cancer. But on the other hand it might increase the risks of getting breast cancer, cervical cancer, and liver cancer. So while the pill might be able to reduce certain types, it’s probably not worth taking it specifically to do so.

#2) It’s Not 100 Percent Effective

At the time there is no birth control method that is completely effective besides practicing abstinence, which for most people is not the preferred method. Hormonal contraceptive can be one of the most effective methods however, as long as it is used correctly. Many people do you not use it correctly though, since missing one day or even taking the pill at different times of the day can cause it to be ineffective. There is a lot of responsibility involved with using this method.

#3) The Pill Makes It Harder to Get Your B Vitamins

When you’re taking birth control you might need to be taking a B supplement to ensure that you’re getting enough of the vitamin. B vitamins are crucial for keeping our stress levels in check, keeping our memory on point, and reducing the risks of developing heart disease.

#4) The Pill Can Lower Your Sex Drive

Hormonal birth control reduces the amount of testosterone that is released mid cycle, which actually reduces your libido in general. So while you’re protecting yourself from pregnancy you might be having less sex altogether. The pill also has been shown to change the types of men that we are attracted to. For one thing women seem to be more attracted to men with similar genetic makeup while they are on the pill while naturally we tend to be drawn to people with more different genes. There are also studies showing that women change their tastes in physical characteristics of men as well.

Some people worry that this causes some issues when women go off the pill and suddenly have a change of heart about their relationship.

#5) It Can Affect Your Fertility

When you stop taking the pill in an effort to get pregnant it can actually take longer for the body to regain it’s natural state of fertility. Women who are on the pill for a long time also might miss some important signs that things are amiss since the pill masks any of your natural hormonal fluctuations. When people are hoping to get pregnant right away after quitting the pill they might be surprised to find that it doesn’t happen so quickly after all.

#6) There Are Different Types

For people who feel like hormonal birth control is their best option, there are quite a few different types to try. These can vary by the type of hormones used in the pill and the differing amounts. What works for one woman’s body might not work for the next so it can take some trial and error to find the right pill that works with your body and mind.

Other alternatives to taking the birth control pill are things like IUDs. Some IUDs still work by releasing hormones into the body, but there is also a copper option that does not. Both work in part by killing off sperm when it gets close. Like any other type of birth control however there are risks associated with the IUD. Some women see a reduction in blood flow when they have their period on the IUD, but other women see an increase in flow and cramping. One in 1,000 women will actually get perforated in the uterus by the IUD. They also can come out and need to be felt for regularly to make sure that they are in place.

Are you a fan of hormonal birth control or are you wondering if there is a better option  for you out there? Let us know your thoughts and experiences with the pill!

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