6 Goregous Plus Size Dresses For 2014

Image by: FeatheredTar
By Tallulah Ray

Did you know that the average American dress size is now 14? That’s really strange to me considering I’ve seen plenty of statistics that say that the size 14 is the least purchased size in America? I rarely see that size on the shelves. In fact, most of the advertised sizes are still between six and eight. A lot of stores are even stopping their sizes at Large. For most stores and brands, that means that they stop at 12.

So what’s the deal? Are we squeezing ourselves into sizes that are too small for us because of our personal embarrassment? Let me tell you, a confident woman in clothes that fit and flatter her figure (whatever figure that may be) is a lot more attractive than a woman who is uncomfortable and squeezing herself into a dress that doesn’t fit.

I’m encouraging you to size yourself and look for clothes that fit, no matter what size you are. There is a plus size stigma that doesn’t just affect the younger generation. It also damages the self esteem of adults. Since sizes 12 and up are considered “plus size” most women are struggling to fit into clothes that are too small. Instead of shunning plus size dresses and fashion, let’s embrace it so we can all look our best.

#1) Fashion Tips For Full Figured Women

Let’s start off with some basic tips. If you want to wear something that flatters your figure, try some of these tips. Since I don’t actually know what size you are, some of these tips might work better than others so you’ll have to try them out for yourself:

    Avoid clothes that are too big or baggy

    Balance your silhouette by picking party dresses and pants with straight cuts

    Black is slimming but adding color to your wardrobe will help cheer you up

    Pick bras that fit (get sized and don’t skimp when it comes to undergarments)

    Don’t be afraid to be sexy (lingerie in the bedroom, clothes that highlight your best features)

    Accessorize! While some of the clothes offered to “plus-sized women” may be a bit plain, you can compensate by adding some color and accessorizing wisely.

All right, well let’s jump right in to the trends for 2014, shall we?

#2) Retro-Chic

I love retro, which is one of the reasons why I’m glad that it’s totally going to be in for 2014. Plus size dresses and fashions won’t be an exception to this. Accessorize with some pearls, tweed jackets and ankle boots. Retro fitted dresses.

fitted dress
Fitted Dress Image by: xubangwen

#3) Ruffles

Peplum (a fancier word for ruffles) has been a great trend for the past few years, and it seems as though it’s not going to go away anytime soon. Ruffles can be great if you implement them just right. You can use them to hide a belly or the parts of your body that you want to cover up. It also helps give you a curvier silhouette. Hooray!

ruffled dress
Ruffled Dress Image by: xubangwen

#4) Jewel Tones

I know that if we feel bloated or bigger in any way, we have a tendency of dressing in black to hide our extra bulges but I would suggest going for some jewel tones this next year. Some of my favorites include garnet, cobalt, or plum.

#5) Dresses

When it comes to plus-sized dresses, look for dresses that follow your natural curves. A scooped neckline or a tasteful V-neck should help compliment your lines. If you’ve got more of a belly, try to find clothes that have a belt, sash or ruffles around your waistline.

dress with v neck
V-Neck Dress, Image by: HousingWorksAuctions

Strapless dresses look great as well. Some of you might be scared of showing off so much skin, so I suggest matching it up with the next item on this list (one of my favs!).

#6) Lace Cardigans

I was disappointed in myself that I hadn’t considered buying a lace cardigan for myself. Regular cardigans (if not accessorized properly or worn with the right clothes) always reminded me of school teachers and that style never fit my everyday chic. Lace cardigans are a great twist on it though. You can wear them with pants or dresses. They’re flexible and super fashionable.

One of the main things that distinguishes a sexy full figured or plus-size woman is when she isn’t afraid to show off her gorgeous curves. Notice that I said curves and not…ahem…assets. So don’t be afraid or ashamed of your body. Gorgeous women come in all sizes.


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