6 Easy Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Pop With Color

Image by: Jeff Kubina
By Sophie Stockholm

There are lots of fun ways to add some color to your closet this spring. In fact, spring is the most ideal time of year to add color to your wardrobe. Not only does it enhance your mood, but will put a little zing in your step.

Maybe you’re more prone to wearing neutral or you’re too afraid to take a chance by adding a splash of color. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to add hues without being too overpowering. Getting the right color to fit your individual personality and coloring is what counts most.

Here are 6 tips to define your wardrobe with more colorful items.

#1) Colorize Your Accessories

Handbags are the easiest way to add a dash of coloring to any wardrobe, especially if you tend to stray from wearing festive hues in your garments.

We all know that black and brown pretty much go with everything. Although it’s a practical way of thinking, these colors can also be awfully dull. Try a red, yellow, green or even blue bag instead. Adding color  to your accessories will enhance your look without the permanent commitment.

#2) Scarves

I personally love scarves. I have them in every color known to man. If anything, a scarf is a great way to dress up plain staples, such as a t-shirt and jeans without you even having to try too hard.

The great thing about scarves is that they also come in fabric that is suitable for winter or spring. Since warmer weather is impending, there are countless options in silk, chiffon, satin, even light cotton.

Scarves can also be inexpensive and found basically anywhere. It’s a simple way to step out of boring neutrals and have fun with your outfit. For different looks, check out Knot Just a Scarf for fun ways to incorporate different looks with just a scarf.

#3) Colorful Coats

Believe it or not, spring is still a bit cool in many places, so light jackets are a must. The more candy colored the better this season, with bubble gum pinks, sky blues, yellows, making your transition from winter to spring so easy.

In some ways, bags are like coats. We often stick to neutrals, but why not play it up a bit? After all, people are more likely to notice you wearing your jacket since it’s basically covering half of you and can really brighten up the winter season. If you’re really bold, go for pattern pieces as well.

#4) Pucker Up With Lipstick

Lipstick is a great way to brighten up your face and your entire look. It boosts your mood and adds a touch of brightness to your outfit. There’s a reason why the french love a bold red lip with a classic black dress.

If you’re even more bold, lipstick can also be worn in an array of colors as well, such as violette blue, or even yellow.

#5) Pants & Skirts

Did you know that you can actually wear the wrong colors for you? In fact, the further away the color is away from your face, the more that you can get away with it easily. Why limit yourself to only certain colors?

Pants and skirts offer these options and when paired with a beautiful top that flatters your complexion, the look is flawless.

#6) Shoes

If you are nervous about wearing bright shades, then colorful shoes are the way to go. Bright shoes look great in the summer, with a little black dress. Deck shoes also pair well with shorts and a summery top.

In fact, colorful shoes are a modern way to look more dapper in an otherwise neutral look. Red and yellow will surely get you noticed, but for a calmer approach, green and blue are cool as well.

No matter how practical neutral is, sometimes you can’t resist the pull of some color in your life. Colors are fun and make  you feel cheerful. No matter how much you think you like black and white everyday, color enhances your already fabulous attire. The more color that you incorporate, the better, but don’t go too overboard, neutrals have their place too!

Tell us what you think. Do you tend to lean towards a colorful and patterned wardrobe or a more subtle approach? Please offer some ideas as well!

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