5 Tips On Keeping Your Skin Healthy This Winter

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By Tallulah Ray

When it is winter, all we want to do is stay warm (unless you’re in Florida – in which case, all you want to do is keep the air conditioner running). Anyway, no matter where you are, the winter months can be hard on your skin. Make sure that you are keeping your skin healthy with these five tips.

#1) Short, Warm Showers

After a long day at work and after trying to keep warm when it is -30 outside, all we want is a hot bath or a hot shower. While those may feel fantastic, they do a number on your skin. A 20 minute, hot shower will strip your skin of the moisture that it already has.

If you want to do your dry skin a favor, keep it to a warm or lukewarm shower and try to keep them short – 10 or 15 minute showers are the best.

#2) Dress For The Weather

Always dress for the weather. That new wool skirt may look cute with those fur boots but the windburn on your knees and legs won’t feel or look too great. Scarves are great for protecting your cheeks, nose, and neck from windburn and cold temperatures.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that “cotton kills” when it comes to warm clothing. Let me explain why: even in the winter, you’re always sweating (especially your feet) and cotton will suck up that moisture and keep it right next to your body. Other types of fabric (like wool) will pull that moisture away from your body and push it out so you’re not rubbing up against it all day.

That is why if you’re looking to layer up, you should have a thermal layer that is either made from synthetic material or a light, soft wool. Either of those options will keep you dry and warm.

#3) Sunblock

During the winter, we don’t even a second glance at our beach towels or sunblock. However, even during the winter months, sun exposure can take a toll on our skin. So if you’re planning to go out and it’s not necessarily cold enough for a sweater, make sure to put on a layer of sun protection. Believe me, winter sunburns suck – so make sure to put some sun protection on your nose and cheeks before you head out.

Just because you’re not going to the beach, doesn’t mean that your skin isn’t exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.

#4) Chapped Lips

During the winter our lips take a beating. If you notice that your lips are becoming chapped, flaky, or just plain dry make sure that you start keeping some lip balm handy. Try to make sure that your lip balm has lanolin in it (it’s an animal byproduct). If you’re not so hot on having animal balm on your lips, try some Crisco or honey. Also, don’t lick your lips (that will take away moisture in the long run).

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#5) Curing Dry Skin

If you find that your skin is really dry and flaky, here are some helpful tips that you can try before going to your dermatologist.

Switch your soap and lotion to something milder. Try to stay away from the scented stuff because that may irritate your already dry skin. If you like that flower smell, try to put on a small spritz of body mist or spray after you’ve showered and put on lotion.

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Try to put on lotion within three minutes of stepping out of the shower. That will help keep the moisture that you have.

If your hands are really dry, always put on lotion after you wash your hands. Pat your hands dry and don’t worry if they’re still a touch damp before you put on lotion. If they are really bad, try this bedtime trick: put on a heavy application of cream (instead of lotion) and slip on a pair of gloves before bed. It may feel odd, but it really does the trick.

If it is your feet that is all dry and callused, try to slough off dry, dead skin with a pumice stone once a week. Put on a cream before bed and then stick on some cotton socks. Yes, I know it feels funny but you’ll love how your feet feel when you wake up in the morning.

The biggest thing that you can do for your skin (to help keep your skin healthy) is to drink more water. In the wintertime, we have a tendency to drink more hot cocoa, coffee, tea, etc. Our amount of water intake goes down the tube. So work hard to drink more water and your skin will thank you.


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