5 Tips for Keeping Your Blog Fresh

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By Cara Green

Have you hit a rut in your blogging routine?  Sometimes you need to shake things up a little bit to get to the good stuff that’s just dying to jump out of your head and onto the page.  As a writer, I have to be able to generate fresh content consistently.  While it takes some time and effort, it will become second nature to you once you figure out how you get inspired.

#1) Turn Off the Computer
It’s really, really easy to get sucked into browsing for hours without coming up with a single idea.  If you’re really struggling to come up with a topic, it’s time to shut down the laptop and go do something completely different.  Take a walk, try out a new recipe, go sit at a coffee shop and people watch.

You can write about anything, but what makes a killer post is perspective.  You’re the only person that can see things exactly the way you do – don’t be afraid to share that unique angle. Whatever you use your break for, do it with the mentality that you can and will come out of it inspired – Life has a funny way of bringing inspiration when you’re looking for it.

#2) Check the Local News
Thousands of stories hit the press every day – if it’s a local news piece that grabs your attention, try writing a reactionary piece and include details and statistics on the topic.  You won’t have as many blogs competing over a local topic and a well-written piece can pull in a great targeted audience

#3) What’s Trending on Twitter?
This can be especially effective if you have a loyal twitter following – retweets can go a long way! write about a trending topic, or if you’re in a specialized industry, look at what other people with the same focus are buzzing about today.  Tools like Hoot Suite are great for tracking specific keywords in discussions on twitter, so you’re not limited to listening only to industry influencers you’ve already followed. 

#4) What were you thinking about when you fell asleep last night?
Ladies, I don’t know about you, but my mind rambles like crazy right before I fall asleep – and a lot of my best blog posts have come from that.   Don’t worry about thinking of a post while you’re falling asleep, just let your mind wander.  In the morning when you’re drinking your coffee, start writing down a quick list of topic ideas that stem from your late-night pondering.

#5) Remember that anything can be relevant if you get creative
Even if your blog is heavily focused on a specific subject, don’t be afraid to take a typically unrelated topic and discuss the two hand in hand.  For example, a blog on nuclear fission could feature a post on science-inspired fine art.  Don’t let being focused drive you into producing bland material that’s already been done.


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