5 Things You Should Know About Your Physical Health As A Woman

physical health
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By Tallulah Ray

We all want to be healthy. For different people, the term “healthy” means different things so I’ll pose this question to you:

    “What does it mean to be physically healthy?”

The word “health” has its origins in Old English. At its root, it defines itself as “wholeness”. If you look at various medical dictionaries you will find that health means “an organism that is functioning at its peak performance without disease or abnormality“. So we’ll just leave it at that for our uses today.

So how do you know if you are functioning at your peak performance? What does that mean for a woman? We have different working parts, after all. What can we do to ensure that all of our working parts are functioning at our peak performance? What is good physical health for a woman?

We all know about what we have to do in order to stay healthy. We know that we should eat our vegetables, exercise regularly and get regular check-ups. But what about those little womanly questions that nag at you when you’re at home alone? The questions that you don’t want to ask your doctor because they are too embarrassing

Well, I’ve got your back. Today let’s take a gander at some of those “embarrassing”, womanly, physical health questions.

#1) “Seriously, one breast is bigger than the other. Is that normal?”

Yes, that is normal. While most of the time there are just slight differences between both breasts, it is completely normal for them to be different in “bigger” ways as well. Bad pun, sorry. Anyway, some women’s breasts differ by two cup sizes even. So don’t worry.

#2) “Are there physical health issues with having bigger breasts? Like, with breast cancer?”

There is no scientific proof that correlates women with big breasts and the frequency of breast cancer. However, there have been studies done that indicate that women who are overweight have a bigger chance of getting breast cancer.

That being said, having bigger breasts does have its drawbacks. Mostly the drawbacks come from back pain and the inability to detect bumps and lumps when you are doing a self evaluation.

Self breast exams are important but remember that mammograms are important and you should have yourself checked every year.

#3) “Body odor never used to be a problem but lately…”

There are different variables that could affect your body odor issue. Stress and hormones can both send your sweat glands into overdrive. Being menopausal or periomenopause (the “period of time — I don’t know what’s up with me and these horrible puns today — right before you go into menopause) could also be the cause behind your body odor problem. Hormones, you know. They can be really touchy.

If it is due to hormones, then there is really nothing that you can do about it other than showering regularly and using deodorant and antiperspirant that works with your body chemistry.

Okay, now if we’re talking about a different odor that come from a slightly lower location (like a fishy odor), that’s perfectly normal as well. I mean, it shouldn’t normally be a cause for concern. That just means that there is a lot of bad bacteria down there and it should clear up on its own. Shower regularly. If you want, you can use some feminine wipes to help clear it up faster.

#4) “I read somewhere that younger women are getting diagnosed with breast cancer now… Is there a reason behind this? Should I be worried?”

In the past few years (since 2009), studies have shown that younger women have been diagnosed with breast cancer, yes. However, that number isn’t significant enough to be worried. Like I said before, some of it has to do with being overweight — that makes you more susceptible to breast cancer.

#5) “My joints make funny noises when I walk up stairs and my shoulders pop more often when I do push-ups. Is that normal?”

As we get older, we are more prone to all of those creaky, poppy, crackling noises from our bigger joints (like our knees and shoulders). It’s normal.

However, if you’re feeling pain at the same time, then that might be a sign of arthritis and you should go see an orthopedist. Younger women who have had accidents involving joints — especially young athletes — are getting diagnosed with arthritis more often these days.


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