5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy this Winter

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By Reaghan Belfor

As the seasons change, we are faced with inevitable changes in the texture and structure of our hair.  Winter brings with it dry air and freezing temperatures. This can cause major damage to your hair.

From a dry, flakey scalp to split ends and heat damage, our hair takes one heck of a beating in the winter months.

If you have hair issues in the winter, check out these ways to fight the damage and keep your hair and scalp healthy until the weather breaks.

#1) Breakage

Because it is so cold, most of us who don’t normally put our hair to heat are busting out the blow dryers.  This heat causes breakage, but, hey, no one wants icicles hanging from her bangs.  Besides, a wet head can lead to all kinds of other health problems in the winter.

Additionally, the dry air has a tendency to cause breakage in even the healthiest of strands.

Avoid breakage by using deep conditioners.  While you can get this done once a week by your hair dresser, we are currently blessed with multiple products currently on the market to do deep conditioning treatments at home for reasonable prices.

Another great way to avoid breakage is to do hot oil treatments every two weeks.  This will leave your hair silky and moisturized.

#2) Fly Aways

All of the breakage our hair goes through leads to those pesky fly aways. The dry air of winter causes static, and suddenly, we see little hairs sticking straight up off our heads.

Sure it’s funny when you walk in from the snow, take off your hat, and reveal your inner Medusa, but how do we get rid of those pesky buggers?

If static is your number one issue, grab a dryer sheet and start rubbing it gently on your head.  This really works.  Carry a few with you in your bag.  Your purse will smell great, and you solve major winter hair problems.

If the fly aways are coming from untamed broken strands, adding hair polish to your daily routine can help.  Hair polish is a thick, clear gel-like serum that isn’t as sticky as hair spray, and leaves your hair shiny and smooth.

#3) Split Ends

In the winter, we tend to put more heat on our hair.  We also reach for more products.  These little extras lead to split ends.

While there is little we can do to reverse split ends after they’ve arrived, we can do our best to keep them at bay.

Of course, we should focus on shampoos and conditioners that prevent split ends, but we should also nip those split ends in the bud.

If you have split end issues, it is recommended to get your hair trimmed every two weeks instead of every month throughout the winter.  This will keep the tips of your hair healthy.

#4) Color Fade

That gorgeous color that you picked for the fall is starting to dull out.  It’s time to brighten it up again.

While the immediate solution to this issue is to get touchups and re-dye your hair, adding any unnecessary chemicals to your hair during the dry, cold months can be detrimental.  Besides, you spent all of your money on gifts for the holidays.

To reduce cost and boost the vibrancy of your color, add a glaze or tint to your hair.  Use color-safe and color-extending shampoos and conditioners to help that color last.

#5) Dry Scalp

Ugh! Itchy, itchy! Flakey, flakey! Dandruff season is upon us! No one likes to see the snow that doesn’t melt on their shoulders.  Part of the reason dandruff is so prevalent in the winter is because the scalp dries out.

Use scalp moisturizing shampoo.  You can also exfoliate your scalp! Get rid of those flakes by bringing more moisture to your head.

Womansday.com suggests to “Try an intensive treatment mask” for your scalp to help you stop the itching and flaking.

Hair can be in danger over the winter.  Save your hair by making sure you are protecting its moisture.  Keep your hair looking great by tinting it, cutting it more frequently, and adding deep conditioning to your weekly routine.  Do you have any suggestions to fight the winter hair blues?  Share with us in the comments below!


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