5 Sexy Hairstyles to Try This Summer that Will Keep You Carefree & Looking Hot

By Sophie Stockholm

Maybe you’re done with long locks and want to chop it all off this summer or perhaps you’re looking for a transitional hairstyle that will help you look chic as you’re grow your hair out.

Whether your hair is curly or straight, long or short, here are some low maintenance summer hairstyles to try out that will keep you looking great all summer long.

#1) The Long Pixie

Everyone from Scarlett Johansson to Lilly Collins is chopping their hair off this summer. The simply gorgeous pixie style has come and gone in the past few decades making it a true classic. Whether your hair is straight, wavy or slightly curly, the pixie is your go-to style for summer if low-fuss hair is what you desire.

Spike it, curl it, create a pompadour look for a special night out, the pixie is as versatile as ever before. With longer pieces on the crown and front of the head, you can create bangs and ad more texture as you wish.

If something off the neck and out of your face sounds like a cool way to enjoy this summer, then this one’s for you.

#2)  The Rumbled Lob
You read that right. This style is actually called “the rumpled lob,” a combination of a long bob that is rumpled or slightly messy. The rumpled lob has been making waves quite a bit recently, lauded for it’s tousle-and-go ease.

This style doesn’t require any neatness whatsoever, for that sexy rolled around in bed look that can easily be taken to the beach. For added texture and length, this particular bob can easily get rid of that boredom feeling that shorter bobs often exude.

The rumpled bob looks even cooler with highlights for the beach waves look and makes the perfect go-to style for those tropical getaways.

#3) Full-on Fringe

Zooey Deschanel photographed in Austin Texas for Filter magazine 3.20.08

Zooey Deschanel photographed in Austin Texas for Filter magazine 3.20.08

Full bangs evoke a sense of retro youthful fun that many people can actually pull off. Even if you don’t think you can achieve bangs due to the natural parting of your hair, you actually can with training.

One way that you can train your bangs is to blow dry them forward every morning while wearing a thick band at night that will keep them down. It might be uncomfortable at first, but the results will pay off in no time.

Be daring and try trimming your own bangs or search for a stylist that knows how to give you the right fringe to frame your beautiful face.

#4) Go Curly
The sky is the limit for those of you with curly hair. Embrace your natural texture this summer by letting it do what it does best or you can cut it into a classic bob or by going to a Devachan salon . Curly hair is beautiful when it’s left to it’s own inhibitions. Or if you prefer to tame your hair, there are tons of styles to try out.

Take it from a curly girl, curly hair looks way more complicated than it is. You can fishtail braid, milkmaid braid, bun it, let it hang, create some bangs, whatever you like.

To protect the hair, coat the hair with moisturizing conditioners to stave off frizz at the beach caused by the sea salt, wind and sand.

#5) Lay It On Thick
This summer is all about the layers and texture, creating a too-cool-for-school effect that will allow you to leave the brush at home.

Since fringe fashion has made a comeback, fashionistas have decided to apply it to the hair as well. Layered hair and beach weather makes for the perfect combo this summer. Just be sure to watch out for others who try to copy your look.

Summer styles without the fuss is the best way to approach the warm months this year. As you let your guard down with your hair, up the ante on fun this summer without all the fuss. Playful looks that will create a splash are sure to take over this season.

Tell us what you think! What is your favorite style this summer? What style do you plan to wear that hasn’t been listed above? We want to hear from you!

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