5 Financial & Productivity Apps That Will Help Your Small Business

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By Josie Alexander

The world is a fast-moving place. Businesswomen in 2014 can find that mobile apps can help keep the chaos at bay. When it comes to modern day technology, there are a plethora of applications that you can add to your phone, tablet, and your laptop that can help you keep your personal and business life organized and moving smoothly.

Let’s take a moment to check out some of the best productivity, financial, and organizational apps that can help stay-at-home moms, housewives, and women in business (who have to balance both work and home).

#1) Apps For Stay-At-Home Moms & Housewives

While not everyone has an iPhone, there are a number of iPhone apps that can help you control your home and garden. This one is great for a family that often goes on vacation. Mind you, you can also use this everyday if you need to set the sprinkler system when you are out to dinner or if you need to turn on the crockpot while you’re out running errands.

There are a bunch of home automation systems on the market right now. iPhone has an app called Indigo Touch which allows for you to control your lighting, appliances, sprinkler systems, and more from anywhere. The app costs about $5 which is fairly inexpensive for peace of mind.

The downside to this app is merely the learning curve. It’s not for beginners but if you’re good at following directions check out their forum and look up some helpful YouTube videos.

If you do go out often, here’s a friendly tip. Don’t post your vacations on Facebook or any other social media feeds until after you get home. When you post status updates like, “Woo! The fam and I are headed to Hawaii for a week!” you’re basically announcing that your home will be vacant. You might as well hang up a “please come rob me” sign on your front door.

#2) Apps For Your Finances

If your business needs a CFO (chief financial officer – the woman who basically oversees all of the finances for a company) but you can’t afford one, there’s an app for that. If you’re serving as the CFO and you’re feeling as though you are wearing a bit thin, you can get a virtual CFO for free.

Unleash is an app which offers a number of financial services and was rated highly by CNN Money. It can do your number crunching for you, calculate your income (which you can compare in a month by month or quarter by quarter basis). It can also calculate your profit margins and valuation. Not to mention, it also offers advice, guidance, and alerts you when payments (to you or from you) are late.

#3) Apps For Productivity

One of the worst feelings is when you feel as though you’ve been extremely productive during your workday but when you look at your task list, you find that you haven’t done much at all. What happened to the day? Where did you spend all of your time? Have you ever had those questions before? Well, technology is coming to the rescue.

Rescue Time is a great app which runs in the background of your Windows, Mac, or Linux device (for $9 a month). It tracks how much time you’ve spent on various websites and programs on your computer or laptop. It can help you find out where your time goes and how much time you spend on various tasks…or Facebook.

#4) When You Need To Focus

Focus@will is a great app if you’re having trouble concentrating. Whether you are at home or if you are at work, there will always be someone who wants your attention (despite the “do not disturb” sign) or people who just don’t have a volume setting lower than LOUD.

The designers and the artists behind focus@will worked with neuroscientists at UCLA in order to figure out just what kinds of music makes us tick: what motivates us, what affects our mood, what types of music helps us focus, and what can help us tune out the outside world.

What’s great about this app is that it can be accessed through any internet browser so you’re not limited to just your android or your iOS. And no, this one hasn’t been developed for iPhone yet. The cost is approximately $35 a year or $4 a month. If you want to give it a quick test run, a free “membership” will allow you 100 minutes.

#5) A Virtual Assistant

Sometimes we just need a little bit of extra help. EasilyDo is a free virtual assistant available for your Android or iOS. It can help you organize your tasks (and even offers to do some tasks for you – if it is online), organize your contacts, airline tickets, dates, traffic, bad weather, etc. You name it and it does it (basically).

These are only a few of the options out on the market right now. These apps are rated particularly high and range in price and formats. Do you have any particular apps that you use in order to help organize your personal and business life?


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