4 Ways to Tell What Level of Humor is Most Appropriate for the First Date

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Image by: Marley Cook
By Julie Redwood

If you really want to make an impression on your first date, charm the pants off of him with humor! Maybe you’re one of those people that naturally make people laugh, effortlessly inducing hysterical giggles and chuckles.

Let’s be real, maybe you’re really like the rest of us and feel uncomfortable telling jokes in fear that you’ll be embarrassed that you can’t inspire a cackle, or even a smile out of your date. Perhaps you really want to show your partner that you do have a fun side, but not sure how to go about it.

Well, my friend, this article is for you. If you feel awkward and don’t know how to time your jokes properly, then read on.

Here are 5 ways to use appropriate humor on your date that will have the two of you laughing together for hours.

#1) The Bait & Switch

This is a tried and true method of keeping the other person on their toes and one of the best ways to keep the conversation from going stale. There are two ways to go about this type of humor.

One is to either pretend that you have misinterpreted what the other person has said, and twist their words into humorous sentences or you can answer their questions in a charming manner using a play on what they’ve just said.

For example, someone might say, “My home has a beetle infestation problem, I hate them.”  Then you would slyly quip, “Wow, I love the Beatles! They came to your house?”

This lightens the mood and shows that you can find humor in any situation. It works great if you’re a naturally sarcastic person to begin with. Even better if you can get a laugh in return.

#2) The Callback

With the callback, you should note not to use this method more than 3 times within a date. Anymore and it can become annoying and you might get turned down should you decide to request a second round.

Having a good, relatable story always eases nerves. Having a funny, relatable story with purposely mispronounced words, is even better! So you could come up with stories about how you mispronounced something at a fancy restaurant, for example. Maybe there was a time you ordered the “See-sam” baguette instead of the sesame baguette. Or the time you asked for “Pin- Grigiott” (Pinot Grigio).

Strategically incorporating the callback throughout the evening recalls that you can make fun of yourself and be creative at the same time. Try it, you might be surprised at how good you are at using puns.

#3) The Save

The save is when you bounce back from an awkward situation. Perhaps your date loves Katy Perry, but you found out a little too late, after you made the comment of how much you can’t stand her music.

Instead of apologizing (which could make you appear to be self- conscious), come up with a comeback of how Katy Perry stole all of your songs and used them to become famous and that’s why you don’t like her.

Rendering the situation towards a more humorous note, will alleviate the awkwardness and you’ll both realize how ridiculous the conversation is.

#4) The “Yes And…” Strategy

The ‘yes and…’ tactic is simply taking what your date says and turning it up a notch. For instance if he says that dinner was so delicious, he could eat it everyday, you could respond by saying something like, “If you eat it everyday, that could be rather expensive. How about I cook it for you every other day instead?.”

Of course you would only put yourself in the equation if you are into your date, but is a clever move if you would like to move forward. He might agree and not realize what that you even want a second date. If not, end the improv session at the restaurant.

There are many different ways to show your more humorous side. It’s rare to find someone that has no funny side to them whatsoever. However, take in the atmosphere and how your date is responding to find out which funny method to use.

Practice in your mirror, with a friend, however you choose, don’t take yourself too seriously.

Do you like the methods mentioned in this article? Dates can be downright nerve-wrecking. Do you have ways to lighten the mood on a date, that always works? Tell us.

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