4 Ways to Tailor Your Exercise Routine to Your Personality

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By Avril Reyes

For some people working out is a crucial and fun part of their day, while others are lucky when it happens at all. To remain dedicated to your exercise routine, you need to make sure it’s something you truly enjoy. Here are some ways to base your exercise routine on your personality and even adjust it based on your mood.

#1) Think about Your Time Commitment

If fitness is something that you have all the time in the world for, you have quite a few options for getting in a good workout. If your time is more limited however, you might want to think about incorporating more high intensity routines to make sure you take advantage of your time and get the toning calorie burn you’re looking for. Instead of jogging on the treadmill for 45 minutes, you might be able to cut your total time down to 30 but add in a few sprint intervals to get your heart rate up.

There are plenty of fitness videos you get find today on TV programs, YouTube, DVD, etc, so even if you only have a few minutes on certain days to workout you should be able to find a program that you can comfortably follow from your own living room. Every minute counts.

#2) Consider What Truly Motivates You

Now exercise isn’t supposed to be easy, so choosing your favorite fitness plan shouldn’t include choosing the one that induces the least amount pain. Exercise should be challenging and growth oriented but also appealing enough that you want to keep returning to it. If you love dancing or being goofy, hop in a group class like Zumba that incorporates easy to follow dance moves.

If mirrors and lights freak you out however, maybe you’d be better off toning up in a yoga class. Just don’t let your fears govern those choices and keep you from trying out something new that you might really enjoy. Only turn down the trial of a new class if you know without a doubt it’s not for you.

If solo workouts are more motivating to you because you like to keep track of your own times and beat them, then be sure and carve out the time to do it. No one ever said that going to a gym was mandatory, trails, driveways, and sidewalks can work great too!

#3) How Competitive are You?

There are people who feed off competition, people who run and hide from it, and then those that pretend not to like it but light up when the heat is turned on. Think about which type you are when you’re tailoring your fitness routine. For the highly competitive something like Crossfit can be a great motivator because everyone’s times are scored in real time. There is still a supportive group atmosphere, but it’s a competitive one.

Something like Pilates on the other hand has no element of competition whatsoever and everyone around you will be too busy dealing with their shaking muscles to notice what you’re doing anyway. You have to be self-motivated for something that burns so much!

If cycling on your own isn’t enough competition for you but you love the workout, hop into an indoor cycling or spin class! The high energy format of most spin classes these days includes dedicated instructors and talented cyclists to keep you motivated and inspire you to work a little harder.

#4) Think about Your Adventurous Spirit…or Not 

Anyone who is an adrenaline junkie is going to need to be stimulated in life, and fitness is the perfect way to fill that desire. Going to the same class each day or sticking with the same routine might not be enough if you prefer diversity and excitement. Try alternating workouts or doing something different each day to keep you feeling fresh and looking forward to the next thing. Think outside of the box and try indoor rock climbing, tumbling, or trapeze training to keep yourself amused.

On the flip side, if you’re not super adventurous you’re not going to want to torture yourself by signing up for a week long backpacking trip to lose those last five pounds. (Unless you’re up for the challenge of course!) Look for group classes with a supportive environment that can grow with you as you advance so you don’t get stuck without any challenge at all.

Has your personality shaped your fitness routine at all? What works best for you, solo time or group classes? Why? Let us know!


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