4 Ways a Busy Woman Can Start a Monthly Date Night

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By H. Daniels

We get so busy with work that we ignore our relationships. It’s not that our relationships aren’t important. It’s that we feel like they will always be there for when we have time for them. Did you catch that? “When we have time for them”. What kind of thinking is that? Relationships need to be nurtured in order to stay healthy.

If you don’t date your husband, that may be why you’ve lost that spark in your relationship. Scheduling one night a month where you can spend some quality time with your man (just you and him) isn’t that much to ask for. But if you have trouble trying to work it in, consider some of these ideas.

#1) Plan It Out In Advance

This is my favorite type of anniversary present. Instead of getting my man things that he may enjoy for a limited time or by himself (I save those types of presents for his birthday), I like to plan anniversary presents that help us get closer as a couple. After all, anniversaries are for celebrating your relationship and each other (together).

Every year, I plan a 1-year preplanned basket of pre-paid date nights. In this basket are twelve envelopes (one for each month). You can either label the different envelopes by month or you can have it be a surprise. However, in those cases, you may need to put a season on the outside of the envelope. For example, you can’t go looking for your Christmas tree in the middle of June.

On the front of each envelope is a list of particulars about what is inside. The actual date is kept a secret until he opens the envelope. On the outside are these details:

    Is this an at-home date or are you going to go out?

    Is this casual, semi-casual, or do you need to dress up?

    Will you have to dress for the weather for this month?

    Are there other costs (outside of the money in this pouch)?

    Other information?

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Inside the envelope is a sheet of paper that talks about what the date is, a smaller envelope with money in it, coupons (if applicable), gift cards (if applicable), and a pamphlet of the place that is involved. I love to be extra creative so the “at-home” dates normally involve some sort of theme. Here are some ideas for envelope date ideas:

Farmer’s Market Dinner. Make sure that you research when your local farmer’s markets are open. In the envelope is some money, some instructions, and a handful of recipe cards for ideas. We love to cook together so this one is a favorite for us.

Netflix Movie Night: Horrible Horror. My man and I are big into bad, foreign horror movies so I like to make a date night out of it. In the envelope, is a bag of microwave popcorn (though these days we do stovetop, so I would put in a serving size ziplock back of kernels), a letter explain the theme, some boxes of movie theater candy, and some cash (for the local mini-mart for some sodas).

#2) Team-Up with Another Couple

Yay! Organized babysitters! If you’ve got kids, I suggest that you team up with another couple who also has kids around the same age. Organize it so that one night a month, you babysit for them (so they can have an “adults only night”) and vice versa. It’s great to partner-up and you can make some great friends.

You can also do a double family date if you can’t coordinate two nights in one month. Consider the drive in, a game night, or a geocaching date for your family and theirs.

#3) Be Spontaneous

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If you don’t have kids and you live with your man, why not be spontaneous at times. You don’t have to go anywhere extravagant in order to spend time with your man. If you both have the day off, dress up a little (just throw on a pretty dress and put on some make-up) and hit the town for a movie, a decent dinner, a picnic, or even just sight-seeing.

I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth another mention because it has worked so well in the past. Consider a day trip. I usually have at least one of the envelopes in the pre-planned date night basket say “Spontaneous Day Trip”. However, you don’t really need to plan it. Thus, “spontaneous.” Fill up your tank, grab some road snacks, grab some cash (just in case), and hit the road.

#4) You Don’t Have to “Go Out”

Remember that you don’t have to go out to have fun. There are plenty of things that you can do if both of you only have a couple of hours available each month. The 2 most important factors to a great date night is that you should both be doing something that you like and you both need to be spending some quality time together.

Sometimes, all you need to do is just turn off all of your electronics and sit with each other on the couch. You can cuddle. You can read a book to one another. You can even just talk. Talk about what you’ve been up to. Talk about why you love each other. Just make sure that you’re both happy.

Now it’s your turn. How do you squeeze in a date night with your man? Do you plan for it or do you do spontaneous date nights? Do you both like to be extravagant (because you don’t date each other often enough anymore)? Or do you just squeeze in a couple hours every week where you can catch up and love one another?


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