4 Questions to Ask Yourself if Your Online Business is at a Stand Still

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By Lucy Clara

Many people can be entrepreneurs thanks to the rise of social media and outlets such as blogs along with many creative sources that allows one to pay for an inexpensive website. Obviously, there are a ton of successful online business sources out there, but for the entrepreneur who is failing to keep their head above water in the business world, things aren’t looking quite as rosy as hoped.

Usually the excitement over the prospects of investing in a business supersedes the actual elbow grease it takes to actually run a company. Online business aren’t immune to this trepidation either.

The reason why some websites fail is because the owners aren’t in it for the long haul. Besides the occurrence that customers might not hold any interest, many people will usually give up within a short time frame or when they see that their quotas aren’t being met like they’d want.

What these people fail to realize is that business, even online, takes a lot of hard work, determination, and commitment. It isn’t enough to stand by in hopes that your business will magically sprout some sales. You have to put forth effort.

This is why I have compiled a list of questions to ask yourself in the event that your business seems stagnant in its growth. Could you be doing it all wrong? You be the judge.

#1) Are You Giving it Your All?

It’s one thing to hope for the best, but it’s quite another to not to be opportunistic like you should. Are you taking advantage of the big 3: Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin? Are you making sure that your blogs contain AdWords or any form of advertising that will give you clicks to your website?

Unlike a brick and mortar business, that a passerby might see by chance, an online business is virtually invisible if you aren’t putting forth the effort to get the word out there. No one is going to know you exists unless there is a source of links, online banners and the like that will spread the word.

Make sure that you are taking as full advantage as possible by implementing ways to market yourself the best of your abilities. A business without any advertising is a business that is bound to fail. You must link  your sources and  regularly post information about your business through blogs and other social sources to get the word out.

#2) Is Your Product Valuable?

Albert Einstein was on to something when he figured out that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Need is the factor that determines whether your business is a great success or not. Or maybe there isn’t a need at all, perhaps it’s something that is highly coveted by people who think that you are just great at what you do, like a visual artist of some sort.

If your product or service is of high value, consumers are going to automatically flock to it because it’s that spectacular. Learn what consumers need and figure out what your ideal niche is.

Simplify your inventory to what the people want and know what demographic you want to market to.

#3) Are You All Over the Place?

Are you categorizing in your market? Know what it is that you want to offer and create a pocket of people who will best benefit from those products. Maybe you’d like your specialty to be vegan and raw fast food. Well, meat lovers aren’t necessarily going to be that interested in what you have to sell, but there are plenty of vegans and vegetarians who will.

When you cater to those specific people, you have the ability to create more revenue for yourself, rather than trying to get everyone to eat vegan knowing they aren’t interested.

Companies that are in the works sometimes send out surveys to the general population to get an idea of their likes and dislikes as well. This is something to think about if your business is struggling so you can gain an idea of why you aren’t gaining traffic. Survey Monkey is a great source to keep your business moving.

#4) Are You Drawing People to Your Site

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a set of rules that entrepreneurs and marketers use to optimize search engines to their site. There are a set of controls available that can also make your website more user friendly and easy to navigate.

Studies show that users are more likely to search only the top 5 titles on a search engine, such as Google or Bing. This helps to drive more traffic to your site.

Another benefit is that when aware of your page, people are more likely to promote your business on Facebook and other popular sites when your SEO is higher.

Since SEO’s draw more people to your site, you have the added benefit of being ahead of the competition. If two different sites are selling similar products then this tool is a great way drive traffic to the web page with the most clicks.

Marketing your business doesn’t have to be a hassle and you should never give up when your numbers are down. With a little push and knowledge, your business has the potential to pick back up again.

Don’t get discouraged, instead optimize on what you already know and work from the ground up. Sooner or later you will be more in demand.

Tell us what you think. Do you purchase from online businesses? If so, what factors determine whether or not you choose to give them your money? Advice is also welcome


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