4 Effortless Ways Your Website Should Be Earning You Money With Advertising

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By Lucy Clara

Placing ads on your website is easy as pie, with countless ways to go about it. However, you need a website first, which can mean anything from a blog to a well-designed, professional page, selling your products to a website that you’ve purchased from someone else. Without this, well, it’s pretty useless to try to advertise on a website that is non-existent. Once you’ve done that, everything else is easy.

Once your site is up and running, consider how you would like to advertise. The best way to find that answer is by figuring out who your core audience is and doing on little research on them. Then decide on what types of advertisements are appropriate for your site, which should come easily. Once you know those two pieces of information, then earning revenue is not too far off.

If you go on most websites, you will probably notice that there are banners that display various advertisements. If you are new at the web owning business, then you might think that you have to have some fancily designed page with years of experience under your belt, while it helps, but certainly isn’t the case.

The truth is that the more well-known your blog or site is, the more likely companies will try to contact you in hopes of advertising their business on your site.  However, you can also earn advertising revenue from a fresh web page. Here are 4 ways to build revenue from your page so that you are making money even if you aren’t actively managing it at that moment.

#1) Affiliated Programs

Affiliated programs are great and do half of the work for you. They are basically intermediaries that you can sign up with to get advertisers, as opposed to signing up with companies separately.

It’s a great way to earn revenue from sales with your advertisements and when a transaction is complete, you get a portion of the profit. The benefits are that you don’t have to win a store or deal with merchandise or transactions. There are no investments to be made and all people have to do is purchase an item from your site and with a click of a finger, you make money.

Affiliated marketing is easy to set up, there’s no investments and your income can come from multiple directions. So if you’re blog is about travel, yet you like to dabble into fashion as well, then your advertisements can reflect that. There is no such thing as a conflict of interest in a situation like thus.

#2) Pay-Per-Impression

A subcategory of affiliated marketing are their pay-per-impression programs. In this case, you are paid each time someone clicks on a banner on your site. The amount that you earn is typically based on the number of thousand impressions on the banner or CPM, with M being the Latin form of thousand. In other words, $5 CPM means that you get paid $5 or 1,000 displays of the banner.

The amount that you get paid is generally small, but it’s easy to make money since for every visit there’s something to be made. If you have numerous  or visitors, then this method might work for you.

#3) Pay-Per-Click

When using pay-per-click, you are only getting paid when someone clicks on a banner on your site. The upside is that this method of payment is usually higher than that of pay-per-impression. Whether or not people are attracted to your advertisement, depends on the banner itself.

In any case, a higher traffic website will always make more money than a low-traffic site, unless people that normally visit your site are highly loyal followers. You should also keep in mind to get banners that match the interest of your audience. Sometimes companies might request for your webpage to advertise for them, yet they have nothing to do with your blog or website.  You don’t have to take every offer and you certainly don’t have to take banners whose companies you have absolutely no interest in.

#4) Pay-Per-Sale

Every time you make a sale, meaning that your visitor has to click on the banner and go through the actions of completing the sale, only then will you make money. This method works much better if you tailor your advertisers to match your business.

Pay-Per-Sale usually has the lowest conversion, but like the other methods, the more loyal your followers are, the more likely they are to spend on your page and the more likely you are to make money.

In order to avoid wasting resources handing out checks for a very small amount of money, affiliates normally don’t pay out until you’ve met a limit. For example, ShareASale won’t pay you unless you’ve maxed out at $50 in a certain amount of time.

Picking the right advertisements for your webpage is completely up to you. If you are a merchant, then your products will likely sell themselves, making you money. If you have a blog that specializes in a certain topic, then advertising is a great way to make extra money for your site, especially if a considerable amount of people follow you.

Needless to say, advertising for your site is a great way to market yourself and other brands that you believe in while increasing your revenue.

Tell us what you think! Do you think that advertising is a great way to make extra money? We’d like to hear other suggestions from you as well!

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