4 Crazy Ideas for a Husband Gift Basket

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By H. Daniels

I love to get my man gifts. I don’t mean big, expensive gifts. I usually get him small things so that he knows that I think about him throughout the day. He’s always appreciative but when he’s had a rough day at work, he’s even more thankful.

I could be walking through the grocery store and come across his favorite type of candy bar or I could be working at a café and decide to buy him a surprise lemon square for when he gets off of work. These little things remind me of him. However, sometimes I just want to get him something bigger. It doesn’t have to be any particular event (like his birthday or an anniversary), it could just be a Friday before we leave for a day trip or vacation.

I’m a firm believer in thoughtfulness and sentiment over expense. It saves me some money and also allows me to share my feelings. So for a large portion of the year, if I feel like getting him something more than just a candy bar, I’ll compile a gift basket for him.

#1) The Bucket List Basket

This basket is easy to design (pick a bucket, of course). I loved this idea so much that I made it number 1 on the list and made it for my man as soon as I heard about it.

I have a bucket list of my own and have a separate one for my man and me. I keep these separate because I have aspirations for personal improvement that don’t apply to our relationship. If you don’t have a relationship bucket list yet, I suggest that you try out this basket idea.

First get a decent sized bucket to hold all of your goodies. I suggest the Homer-Bucket from Home Depot. It’s an all-purpose, bright orange, 5-gal bucket that only costs about $3. Also grab:

A couple of backpacks (you don’t need anything heavy duty),

A notebook,

A disposable (and waterproof) camera or a new digital camera for the occasion (they’re not that expensive anymore),

A couple of emergency kits,

A bottle of your man’s favorite wine (you need something to drink while you both draft up the list), and

A smooth writing pen.

Also have instructions for drafting up your relationship bucket list. If you have trouble coming up with ideas, check out some of the items on 2Life, which is a website and app dedicated to building a strong partnership with your man.

#2) The Sex Basket

Create a steamy sex basket for you and your man by incorporating some of your favorite things from the bedroom and letting him in on some of your particular fantasies.

For this particular “gift basket”, I suggest that you check out your local thrift stores or a big box store for an awesome truck which you can place a lock on (or one that already has a lock on it). After he opens it, you can both use it as your adult toy chest. Just make sure that you lock it and keep it in your closet – you know how nosey kids can get.

Go ahead and put in a new piece of lingerie that you think he will like, a toy or two from your local adult shop, or a book that you both can enjoy in the bedroom. Don’t fill the whole trunk just yet. Save some room for the items that you’ll get in the future.

#3) The Man Bag

Everyone makes fun of the “man bag” so for this one, get him something like a briefcase or a messenger bag. Then fill it with everything manly: aftershave, razors, mustache decals, Steve McQueen movies, beef jerky, etc. Go crazy. The funnier the items, the better. Don’t forget to write up a manly label for his “man purse”.

#4) The Porn-O-Matic

This is a spin-off of those cute movie gift baskets and the sex basket listed above. For this one, grab a cheap camera bag. If you already have a nice one at home, then just head over to a second hand store for a cheap one. Then fill it with:

A bag of microwave popcorn,

Some other movie treats,

A package of edible underwear,

A cheap camera,

A small tripod, and

An empty DVD case (with a blank disc inside).

If you want to make it even more fun, head over to the “after Halloween” sales or your local party store and get some cheap costumes. I suggest getting a cop costume or some kind of delivery man. Of course, this will probably require a bigger camera bag. Then take all of the items and create your own, ahem, home movie.

Now it’s your turn. Do you have any great ideas for gift baskets for your man or for your relationship? What was the most creative gift basket that you’ve ever received? We’d love to hear from you! Let us in on your thoughts, ideas, and questions by writing them down in the comment section below.


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