3 Ways that Thinking About Your Business Plan Like a Novel Will Better Serve Your Startup

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By Julie Redwood

You probably wouldn’t start building a house or writing a novel without a strategy that includes step by step planning. Your business shouldn’t be any different.

With the play-by-play of a business model, you, as well as any potential investors and customers will be able to get a look inside your plans from the middle, beginning and end. Although your plans might not pan out exactly as originally thought, it helps to know where you are going.

The more your company gains success as your customers satiate their needs, the more you will be able to see into the near future of what your business can become. Here are 3 basic ways that thinking about your business like a novel can help you achieve great success!

#1) Brainstorm
Thinking about small

Any good planning begins with good ideas. Do you have a particular passion for something that you’d think would be a great service to others? Is there a particular need for something that has inspired an idea that no one has come up with yet?

Besides being passionate, you should also be in the business of making a profit. By gaining revenue, you will need an audience,which could include a range of people, from retailers, to merchants or even distributors.

Think of how successful you would like your business to be and the type of customers that you would like to influence. Although you would like to get their attention, your customers should also match your model.

Also consider how easily accessible your customers will be and whether or not they will pay the prices you are thinking of setting.

#2) Write It Down, Make It Happen
Write In Journal

Once you’ve got all your planning down, it is now necessary to write your vision down. Just like with a novel, you have to put words into fruition in order for people to better see and understand your story. Writing down your plans also helps you to organize your thoughts and ideas as well as tweak areas that are necessary.

With a great business proposal, jotting down your ambitions will help you to gain perspective of your company. You may have competition that you never even knew existed, or you may be so into your own head that you barely even notice them. Your rivals are always ready to sweep your business from under your feet before you even get started, so protect your idea as well.

Another reason for taking notes of your ideas is that it helps you to identify key components of your business that are unique and those that don’t really help your company to thrive at all. You will also be able to think about your path better. If you keep everything in your head, you might forget important information that is vital to the business.

#3) Edit Your Model

Editing a novel helps to put cohesive thoughts together, which entails a great story. A novel without proper editing will not go over so well with publishers ,which is why they are normally put through the ringer several times before they are put on shelves.

Your business model is your way of selling yourself through your own personality, but should also be professional so that investors and distributors are willing to work with you.

Once you have written your model down from beginning to end, let it sit for a few days. Once you come back to it, errors and misspellings are likely to stand out. During this process, you’ll want to get rid of sentences that don’t make sense or ideas that may sound too far fetched.

In any case, editing and proofreading are a great benefit to your business plan, which provides for a polished end result.

Business planning takes time and effort. As with anything worth having, taking the time to edit your ideas and brainstorm will help you to achieve the ideal model for your clients. Think your ideas through and ask yourself if they are essential for your business, if not, move on to something else that will work.

Please let us know what you think! Have you ever written a business model before? Do you think it is necessary to write one at all in order to achieve what you want? We want to hear from you!

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