3 Things You Need to Give Up Immediately If You’re Really Serious About Making Progress In Your Life

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By Tricia Tuazon

Do you ever feel like you’re not making any progress at all in your life? And have you ever wondered why you haven’t achieved your goals yet? Perhaps, you just haven’t fulfilled the extreme demands of success and happiness.

I worked for a company for almost 8 years. I got promoted twice in my first 3 years, but after that I didn’t feel like there was anything for me again. I lost my momentum. I felt like I was just doing the same old thing all the time and that I wasn’t learning anything new.

My best friend Leslie, who had been there longer that me, felt the same way too, but I was the only one who decided to resign to look for greener pastures and try something new. Leslie, on the other hand, hesitated because she already had invested a lot of time there and she was hopeful that she would get another promotion in time.

So, I moved on with my life. Found a new job, quit again, tried working from home, then, I got married and was lucky to have landed an opportunity to become a writer. All these things happened in just a span of two years. Unfortunately, Leslie’s career remained the same. The promotion and the raise that she was waiting for never came. She got stuck in a rut, lost her excitement for life and damaged her confidence and sense of fulfillment.

When she realized that there was nothing for her to look forward to and that she was just spinning her wheels in one spot over and over again like a car caught in mud, she finally decided to rise above the challenge and start moving towards where she wanted to be – and that’s in her own bakery.

She always dreamed about opening her own business all her life because of how much she loves baking and decorating cakes and pastries, it’s her happy place. When I came to visit her shop to order a birthday cake for my son, she had the biggest smile on her face, like she was the happiest woman in the world.

Sometimes, there are certain things, habits and practices that you must let go of in order to get where you want to be. Sacrifices must be made to achieve success and happiness.

That being said, I came up with these 3 things that you should give up right now make real progress and do really great in life.

Your Self-Doubts & Baseless Fears

Insecurities, negative mindsets and self-limiting beliefs – these things are definitely holding you back from achieving something great. It is impossible to go after your dreams and do what makes you happy when you believe that you’re not good enough and that you’re undeserving of the best things in life.

The only way to create real progress is to abandon your fears, step out of your comfort zone and have faith in yourself that no matter what life gives you, you are capable of making the most of yourself.

And to help you find the courage to put yourself out there in the world, check this out – “The Power of the Positive Brain.”

Your Toxic Relationships

I understand that it can be very hard to be single again, live on your own, and do things alone especially if you’re not used to it anymore. But you know what I think is harder? Keeping people in your life who like to control everything that you do, who make you feel unimportant and undeserving of love and respect and who expect you to ignore your own life for them. Girl, you’re surely going to live “unhappily ever after” with them.

So, if you’re really serious in making progress then, make a firm decision to de-clutter your life by letting go of those destructive connections. Instead of draining all the positive energies within you every time you deal with them, save it up to build healthier, more loving and more supportive relationships.

Your Excuses For Neglecting Yourself

“I don’t have enough time to exercise. I can’t afford to pay for gym membership. No one’s really motivating me to eat healthy. It’s my cheat day so it’s okay to finish a pint of Chunky Monkey and over-eat pizza. I am a food lover and I don’t like depriving myself. This is my reward for working too hard.”

It’s amazing how creative people can become especially when they are trying to justify their actions. But girl, I know that you know in your heart that you need to take action and break the obstacles to live a healthier life. So, eliminate all your excuses not to take care of yourself. Just cut the BS and let’s start conquering ourselves, shall we?

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