3 Foods That Will Slow Your Metabolism Down

3 Foods That Will Slow Your Metabolism Down 1
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By Sandra Miglino

Everyone is talking about ways to boost your metabolism. Ways to lose weight. Diets to follow. Foods to utilize to do this and everything about this kind of supplement. It gets to be a little too much from time to time… I understand that.

What you have to remember is that we are all just trying to help you in your journey to getting into the best shape of your life. Period.

So when it comes to your diet and exercise; we want to make sure you are getting the BEST results for all the sweat and tears you’ll shed. Here are 3 foods to avoid that will slow your metabolism down instead of boosting it.

1. Sugars

It goes without saying but sugars are the number one factor that will slow your metabolism faster than you can lose the weight. Sugars basically spikes your glucose levels in your body and is quickly absorbed into your system.

Remember that you can have a small treat or dessert from time to time but avoiding food on a daily basis with excess sugar is advised. What you could do when you have the urge for ice cream or a sweet treat is to substitute it with fruits! Fruit has natural sugars that will benefit your system and won’t spike your blood glucose.

2. Fatty Foods

Foods high in fat content is extremely difficult for your body to digest it and break down the nutrients for your system. By eating this type of food, you will automatically slow your metabolism down because it has to work twice as hard to break it down.

Once your body breaks it down… where is your body supposed to store all of this additional fat? You brought those pounds onto your self, ladies… you don’t blame anyone else for that one. There is a glorious invention like baked chips to suppress your craving.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol may not be a food to you but it’s still something that you consume. Just like anything else that isn’t good for you; it’s okay in moderation. The reason why people will feel better when they cut out alcohol is that alcohol is filled with calories and sugars.

Alcohol is like coffee – it has a dehydrating effect that will hinder your metabolism. Your metabolism works more efficiently when you are fully hydrated. I’m not telling you to give up drinking altogether to lose weight because some times we all need a drink to loosen up… but just cut it out a bit.

Just like with Starbucks or Coffee Bean lattes. You’re just drinking calories [which doesn’t fill you up] so you are basically fanning the flames of the fire by consuming high amounts of caloric alcoholic beverages.

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