3 Apps To Enrich Your Business Productivity

3 Apps To Enrich Your Business Productivity 1
Image by: Sean MacEntee
By Theresa Grant

When it comes to business; productivity is going to be the most important thing. You need to continue to be heading towards success and improving your products/services. You can’t just have one product and expect that to be your sole car on the road to success.

Your business is more important than the products or services you provide. It’s your life. You have to find ways to be on cutting edge when it comes to technology. With the wonders of tablets and iPads; there are apps you could use to enhance your business’s productivity.

Let’s discuss 3 of these apps and why they will be important to boost your productivity.

1. JotNot

Jotnot is an incredibly useful tool – especially when you are about to travel for very important business meetings. The great thing about this app is that you can utilize your camera to scan documents onto your iphone or ipad.

Here’s the exciting news; it’s FREE! Make sure that your assistant scans all of the necessary documents so you don’t have to carry them onto the plane with you. What you could do is pair this app with ACTPrinter to print off your documents wirelessly.

“I’ve found that if you take the picture carefully, JotNot can capture a document as well as a fax machine can. And, of course, it’s much easier to carry around.”
» The New York Times

2. Action Method

Action Method is seriously one of my favorite apps and I utilize it in my business every single day. Action Method is an app that allows you to set up projects with to-do lists and assign each assignment to a person.

You can do this by color coding, assigning someone individually, or even by project. They have actually expanded their app to business products as well. Note pads with the same color coding and organization so you can transfer everything from your tech gadgets to paper.

It’s a great management tool you can use to oversee all of your projects and to ensure they are getting done in a timely manner.

3. TripIt

TripIt is one of those apps for the business ladies that travel quite a bit. The app holds all of your airline e-tickets, details about your hotel, auto rentals, and meetings.

It also includes maps of your destination and all of the locations on your itinerary. If you would like to reschedule your flight; it will show you best flights for the new time slot you are looking for and will also contact you about updating your auto rental and hotel information.

Basically, it’s just one of the most useful tools to the avid traveler. It will remember the things we tend to forget in times of last minute changes.

Customer review: “Its a great app! You don’t have to rustle around for your ticket at the airport, it extracts it directly via your email and keeps all info in one place. Makes traveling easier.”
– Vaibhav Goswami (Source: App)

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