10 Beautiful Trees that Emphasize Just How Small We Really are


By Julie Redwood

Trees are a life-source that have been around since the beginning of stable life. Not only do they provide oxygen, they are wonderful to look at.

Take a glance at 10 amazing natural wonders for your topiary pleasure.

Methuselah Tree is 4,843 Years Old


 The Methuselah tree has been around for centuries. Located in the white mountains of California, these wonders are bristle cone pine and are believed to be the oldest living non-colonel organisms in the world.

40 Fruit Tree


This tree is engineered to grow around 40 different kinds of plants. This wonder of the world works well for those living in harsher climates with no access to fresh fruits and veggies.


Japanese Pink Wisteria Tree, 144 Years Old


At an astounding 2,000 square meters, the Japanese Wisteria tree is as awe-inspiring as it’s size.  As part of the Ashikaga Flower Park since 1870. As no stranger to the visits it receives, the billowing tree is now supported by metal cables so that onlookers can get a glance at it’s ethereal beauty.


General Sherman, the giant Sequoia


This intimidating tree is the largest stem tree in the entire world. At over 275 feet tall, the massive giant is located in the Sequoia Park in California. It is also estimated to be between 2,300-2,700 years old.

Angel Oak Tree


Also known as the Southern Live Oak, located in Charleston South Carolina, this tree is thought to be about 1,400 years old, with some of it’s branches 200 feet in length.

Circus Tree


Designed by horticulturalist, Axel Erlandson, these genetically engineered trees can be bended and contorted into all shapes and sizes. Throughout the 1940’s and 50’s the versatile tree served as a attraction for many onlookers.

The Hundred Horse Chestnut


At 4,000 years old the Hundred Horse Chestnut Tree is the oldest known chestnut tree in the world. According to legend, a group of 100 knights were stranded in a thunderstorm and were able to seek refuge under this tree, giving this huge tree it’s fitting name.

The Rainbow Eucalyptus


The bright green bark can often shift colors as the tree ages. Weather conditions as another reason for it’s multi-colored tone also make this tree a jewel to nature. Orange, purple, blue, maroon are all colors that can be viewed with the naked eye on this beautiful tree.

The Windswept Trees of Slope Point, New Zealand


These trees sideways stature reminds everyone of the tumultuous conditions of mother nature.


African Baobab Trees


Baobab trees hold their unique shapes due to the water stored in their heavy trunks as a result of the long droughts from parts of the African climate. Holding up to 32,000 gallons of water in the peak rainy season, the baobab trees are beautifully fit for it’s climate

Isn’t mother nature wonderful? Trees give life and serve other purposes such as shelter, hydration, and food. It’s important to protect our planet because of this. Would you like to visit any of these destinations?


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