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How To Create Intense Attraction With Men

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By Christian Carter

There is a secret about men that lots of women don’t get.

And that is, if a man isn’t ATTRACTED to a woman, all of her attempts to share a connection, convince him to like her, and to feel and share love are useless.

They not only don’t work – they can actually make things worse.

In this article, I want to help you avoid this painful and frustrating situation in your own future…

Avoid The “Weak” Strategies He Won’t Respond To

Women develop certain strategies that they think are going to work to get a man’s interest and attention.

The first strategy is what I call “BRIBERY.”

It’s when a woman tries to “be nice” by buying a big gift or doing something to show a man how much she thinks about him, like helping him solve some personal problem without him asking… or running errands for him.

If you have a man that you “like” in a romantic way, and he doesn’t “feel it” for you, and you do something nice for him, he will not only NOT like you more, but he will most likely distance himself from you.

When you start pursuing him and talking about how you feel, you create negative tension. He’ll get that “yikes” feeling and withdraw.

Another weak strategy is what I call “CONVINCING.”

This is when you tell a man how you really feel about him and how much you want to be with him in hopes that he will “see the light” and proclaim his feelings for you too… as if that’s part of the necessary process of getting a guy.

I mean, men know when they are getting “vibes” that a woman is into them. And for the most part, they feel it’s harmless and maybe even mildly flattering. But when you start pursuing him and talking about how you feel, you create negative tension.

He’ll get that “yikes” feeling and withdraw.

And finally, there’s what I call the “FREE SEX” strategy.

Another name for this is “friends with benefits.” You’re using sex to try to “make” a man feel it for you.

After all, the more you’re with him that way, the deeper your feelings get for him. So why shouldn’t it work the same way for HIM, right?


Don’t Confuse Chemistry With Real Connection

The reality is that men can often be physically intimate with a woman and not even be THINKING “relationship” at all. To him, it’s just sex, it’s fun and feels nice, and if he’s NOT feeling real emotional attraction for you, he’ll disappear as soon as you start asking for anything deeper or “real.”

None of these three strategies work because they’re coming from a position of FEAR and WEAKNESS, and what’s worse, they are saying something about you that you never intended. I hate to say it, but they communicate that you’re desperate or needy, even if you never considered yourself that way.

On the other hand, there are certain “mindsets” that women who are naturally successful in love have that draw men’s attention and interest.

These beliefs or “mindsets” trigger a very powerful response in a man. It tells him that this is a woman who is self-assured and knows what she wants and how to get it. They also communicate that the woman is “higher status” and thus naturally compel a man to think she’s unique and someone worth his time and attention.

How to Read MEN?

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In other words, these are the “attitudes” a woman projects that make her irresistible to a man.

If your “love strategy” hasn’t been too successful lately, it’s time to stop feeling bad about yourself. It’s time to finally do what I know works to attract and keep a man.

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  • Jenny Clarkstere

    Interesting article, what I’ve found works best is just to be friendly and not over demanding and most importantly to be blunt and don’t just hint.

  • Lisaaa

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  • Carrie

    I think all three of the “don’ts” are good advice. You can’t buy someone’s love, you can’t convince them to love you simply because you love them, and you can’t trick them into loving you through sex.