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5 Themed Date Nights For You And Your Man

Image by: CarbonNYC
By H. Daniels.

I love being a hostess. Entertaining people has always been a joy of mine. I find it especially therapeutic when it comes in conjuncture with a theme. 80’s style birthday party? I can do that. Whether it is a kid’s birthday party or a game night with friends, I love it when people are having fun. I’ve always been that way but since I’m in a relationship, it is especially fun because it opens a new door.

I’ve realized just how fun themed couples’ date nights actually are. Before, being the third wheel with a friend, and her boyfriend was always a bit awkward but since my gaggle of gals are all in relationships, we can all enjoy doubling without singling anyone out. It’s especially fun when we can match the themes to our particular interests.

If you’ve never had a themed couples’ date night, I’ve listed off a few suggestions below that range from easy to extravagant.

#1) “Movie On The Move”

This particular idea is brought to you by The Dating Divas. That is my go-to website when I’ve run out of dating ideas. “Movie on the Move” is especially appropriate right now since it is still summer and the weather is cooperative.

The gist of it is to pick up a portable device that can stream movies (your tablet, laptop, phone). Then you take that and some pillows, snacks, blankets, and go to a unique location that matches the movie. They suggest that if you want to watch a romantic movie, watch it at the beach or a beautiful overlook.

My boyfriend and I love a good scary movie and there are a couple “haunted” locations around our county so I expect this one to get fairly interesting.

In order to adapt this to work for couples, all you need is a bigger screen. Bring a big tablet, the laptop, or a projector and a sheet. Just remember: trespassing is illegal and you could either go to jail or get shot for it.

#2) Get Together On The Holidays

The twist is to create your own holiday and traditions to go along with it. Make the third Saturday in August into the “Official Smith Game Night” where your friends gather at your house on that day every year and celebrate your love of competition.

If you don’t feel like creating your own, then why not celebrate a lesser known holiday? Holiday Insights is a website dedicated to those off-the-wall, official holidays.

#3) Around The World In 80 Minutes

This one is a potluck style dinner where each couple is given a country and a type of food (entre, hors doeurves, dessert, coffee, etc.). I got this idea because I ran across an epicurious article called”Around the World in 80 Dishes.”

It’s a themed dinner so if you wish, have your guests dress from the country that they are bringing dishes from or dress like tourists. Decorate your dining room with travel accessories (minus the food poisoning): suitcases, plane/train/cruise ship tickets, globes, travel magazines, postcards, etc.

Then post a big world map on the wall and tag all of the places that you “visited” that night. Play a game or watch a movie from one of those countries. This can be as big (or small) as you want it to be.

#4) Movies or Books

Create your own theme around a favorite movie or book. Just as an example, the movie Lake Placid is a favorite between my boyfriend and I because it’s so campy (that’s probably why we always watch it when we go camping with his dad) and the banter between the characters is hilarious.

Anyway, for that night I would place a few tents in the backyard (would be more perfect with a pool and an inflatable alligator) and project it onto a screen. I would ask couples to come dressed like characters from the movie.

#5) Power Outage Date

This one is also courtesy of The Dating Divas. Check out their adorable invite and activity ideas! The great part about this is that you can bust out your favorite board games and candles. Can you say Ouija board?

I suggest picking only a couple scented candles (that aren’t too overpowering) because a lot of people have sensitive noses. Votives, tea lights, and unscented candles are normally cheap. You can even find them at your local “dollar store.”

I also think that you should have guests turning off their cell phones and leave them in their pockets or put them all in a basket by the door. In fact, why not make that a “rule” for all couples’ date nights? The point of the night is to enjoy each other’s company, have fun, and catch up with some old friends.