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Ladies, Here’s How to Make 2017 a Year Filled With Happiness & Success By Avoiding These Self Destructive Habits

Image by: nastya_gepp
By Lex Lopez

Christmas is a great time of year filled with fun, excitement, presents, families and friends. While some people are still enjoying their extended celebrations, there are a few others who are glad that it is finally over. In fact, one of them was my friend Rachel.

All the ruckus started the day before Christmas. To give you a heads up, Rachel is the type of person who always likes to do things at the last minute. She knew she had to work until 5pm that day and she still decided to try and squeeze in shopping for groceries even though she had the time during the week. Rachel finished everything around 10pm, and although she had to wake up early on Christmas day because she invited several people to come over for an early brunch by her place, she stayed up late to watch some old movies.

To make a long story short, she started doing all the preparations really late.  Some of her guests, myself included, started coming in while she was still cooking. So, when I sensed that she was really panicking, I tried to help her out in the kitchen. And because she decided to serve 5 different dishes, we ended up serving lunch at 4pm.

The kitchen was chaotic. She looked really tired and wasn’t even able to dress up for the occasion and worst of all, her guests were all starving.

I think many types of problems can be avoided when we start to pay attention to what’s really important and when we stop creating additional mental stress for ourselves.  Here’s a small list of the ridiculous issues and unnecessary conflicts that you’ve created for yourself and how you can make simple changes to reduce a significant amount of stress from your life.

Choosing to Live in the Past

One way to become your own worst enemy is to dwell on the past and let it anchor you down. Thinking fondly about the way things used to be is unhealthy because it doesn’t allow you to heal your wounds, open new doors of opportunity, and be happy once again. So, give yourself a chance to move on and make the most of out of life.

In the piece “The 5 Things That Can Get In Your Way When You’re Falling In Love,” writer Candice Jalili explains how romantic relationships have the best chance at lasting when you start off on a totally clean slate or when you make the effort to get over with and move on from the unpleasant things that happened in your past like when you’re parents got a terrible divorce or when your ex cheated on you.

You can’t undo your past and you can’t control what happened to someone before you ever came into their life. So, it really doesn’t make sense to make a big deal out of it and choose to start off with the odds against you.

Lack of Commitment

Most people want to get rich, live comfortably, be highly successful and look really attractive but at the same time they are uninterested and unwilling to do what is necessary to achieve their desires and make things happen. Instead of working hard to step up and make a difference, they waste their time complaining and making excuses.

To inspire you to sustain your commitment, stay focused and get the job done, writer Kat Boogaard suggests these 5 key strategies to start taking your self-imposed deadlines a little more seriously.

Taking Your Health for Granted

Another way to sabotage yourself is to take your health for granted. When you don’t pay attention to your well-being, your vitality will decline, you’ll get sick and you’ll spend the rest of your life trying to cope with one disease after another. To avoid this kind of misery, you should start making a conscious effort to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Here are some habits that you should avoid if you want to improve your overall health:

• Drinking calories
• Skipping breakfast
• Crash dieting and only exercising to shed off excess pounds
• Being too strict on the foods that you should and shouldn’t eat, as it can cause eating disorders
• Relying on quick solutions such as diet pills or the latest cleanse or detox to melt away your fats
• Depending on other people for motivation

Letting Other People’s Opinion Control You

One of the best ways to avoid creating problems is to not waste time to please and explain yourself to people who don’t support you, who don’t make an effort to at least try to understand you and who don’t respect the choices and decisions that you make for yourself. Your life is guaranteed to become so much easier when you stop living up to others expectations and when you stop letting others decide your life for you.

To avoid becoming a slave to what others want and to help you take charge of your life, check this out – “How to Create an Authentic Life in 5 Easy Steps.”