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Extending Your Style: Luxurious Fashion In Your Home Is All About Frame Of Mind

Image by: Moyan Brenn
By Tallulah Ray

Everyone has their own unique sense of style and they all stem from our personalities. Some of us are introverted and this shows by our meek or toned-down style choices. Some of us are more outgoing and boisterous. These personality traits are shown in are wardrobe by gregarious and extroverted attire – clothes that make them stand out in the crowd.

These are the most extreme differences but they do illustrate the point: we are what we wear. We might not always be able to afford the kind of fashionable luxuries that we hope for ourselves, but we make do with the assets that we have and after a while, we can see our personalities through our choices – including our sense of style.

This extends to our home as well. It makes sense. Our homes are an extension of our style and fashion choices. For the most part, if you’re into wearing conservative attire, you probably won’t go out and pick out a mimosa orange, 70’s-style shag carpet for your living room. It might be a tad presumptuous of me but I don’t think many of you would anyway…

If you don’t have the funds to be able to lengthen your sense of style into your home decor, how can you be assured that your personality is showing when visitors come over?

I Didn’t Dye It. It’s Natural.

Color is a great way to create bold statements in your home. The absence of color is also bold so utilize it well. Just like filling your closet with only white and black, you can really play with patterns as well.

Check your closet. What colors do you normally wear? What colors go well with your skin tone? Mimicking these colors in your home would work well in your favor as well. Shades of white with warm colors? Orange and red make a great statements as accent colors.

Flaunting What Your Momma Gave Yea

Don’t be ashamed of your heirlooms. You can even design around them. These items represent you and your family and they should be treasured. Instead of hiding them in a box in the attic, why not make them centerpieces and conversation starters.

If they’re not your “style” you can add your special touch to them and find a special spot for them in your home: your home office next to the photo albums, your rustic kitchen, your guest room, etc. They don’t have to necessarily be placed in the center of your living room.

Change It Like You Change Socks

If you want to give your room a seasonal makeover like you do with your wardrobe, linens and accents are a great way to change it up without having to put big items into some storage unit across town, or without having to cover up all your furniture and paint the walls.

Grab a set of linens for each season: table cloths, bed sheets, curtains, etc. Also check out different types and colors of accents. While a stack of pillows might be comforting in the fall and winter (when you want to snuggle up to something), they’re not all that comfy in the summer heat.

This is a great reason to grab boring-looking furniture. Sure, that may sound counter-productive but hear me out. When you get a neutral colored couch, you can accessorize with various accents and colors, which will transform its look. If you get a bold colored couch that only goes with certain colors, you will limit what you can accessorize it with.

Up Isn’t Just a Heart-Wrenchingly Beautiful Movie

It is also something that you must utilize in your home – especially in small places. Just like how important hats and scarves are in your wardrobe, you can also decorate up in your home, which will make your home seem bigger. Utilize that wall space and the ceiling (something that people normally forget). You can even add storage up there by building cabinets – fashionable and productive. Win!

Don’t really know how to add some height to your current décor? Here are some great tips. One is guaranteed to match your sense of style:

  • Use tall vases and place long branches in them. A simple vase with some greenery and a splash of color from some flowers can really add to a room.
  • Paint designs on your wall. Wall decals are great at bringing your eyes up. They add a unique twist to décor as well. Not only that but decals are easy to put on and there are some that can be taken down easily as well – that way you can paint the walls a different color.
  • Art adds a sophisticated touch to your walls. Finding a portrait that is longer than it is wide, will help elongate your walls and make your space seem taller. Vertical stripes, right?
  • Mirrors! You don’t even have to get boring old mirrors that are just rectangular. Choose different shapes. Etched mirrors and frosted glass adds even more detail as well.

When it comes to decorating your home, remember that it is an extension of your fashion sense and personality. If you’re too shy to let your personality show to strangers, feel free to let lose in the comfort of your own home.