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The Power Of Bringing Out Your Inner Child Will Show You How the World Is Your Playground

Image by: Bessi
By Anne Cacherell

When we are scared, we are at our most vulnerable. We reveal exactly who we are at that very moment without any pretence. It is us in our purest and most unadulterated state.

This is why I find scaring people so much fun. Seeing my unsuspecting victim’s reactions and sudden surge of emotions gives me a certain level of intense high. At an early age, I believed that I had perfected this talent and learned everything I needed to know about it.

I could still remember having a partner in crime when I was young – my cousin, Jacq.

Jacq used to live across the street from us and we basically grew up together. Our playmates hated us because we would always crouch down on the corner, sneak up on them, and scare the crap out of them.

Well, if you think that Jacq and I were just equally naughty and wicked, then you thought wrong.

We were both 13 when I came up with this ingenious idea. I knew that her school bus always dropped her off from school late, so I took that time to sneak into her room and hide inside her big closet to scare her.

After waiting for almost half an hour, she finally came in and opened her closet door.

And then I let out my most powerful “Rawr!” Girl, she got really scared. What a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction on my end!

However, I underestimated her crazy. I forgot she was fast too. She immediately locked me inside the closet. She caught me off guard because I couldn’t get up from laughing so hard.

I tried to scream and kept banging the door for her to release me, but she just wouldn’t. I could picture her smiling wickedly on the other side. However, I wasn’t the type who panics and gives up easily.

You know, there’s a definite appeal to controlling somebody through acting. So, I decided to play dead.

I started coughing and producing sounds as if I was having shortness of breath. She didn’t buy it at first, but I was very patient.

After half an hour of silence, she finally opened the door. I made sure my head fell on her feet. I felt she started to get nervous. She tried to wake me up by shaking me and by slapping my face. Well, I guess that was the price I had to pay if I wanted to win this “scaring game.”

Still, I didn’t react and I didn’t let up until I made her cry.

We should never let the childish and excitable part of us die with age.

As young professionals, we are always busy building ourselves, trying to achieve more, and prove something to the world that we tend to let the fun parts of our lives die.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, girl. If you find your workplace toxic, then redecorate your office or your table to make it more relaxing, or better yet, ask your boss to give you a flexible working schedule.

And to help you with that, here’s a cheat sheet on how you can ask for this most sought after job perk.

Having fun strengthens friendship and relationships.

The monotony of being an adult like dealing with our daily routines, 9-5 work shifts, and paying taxes and bills can be a real drag, that’s why you have to loosen up a little bit and find time for your loved ones.

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All work with no play makes a dull life.

Life without fun is unhealthy. You’ll burn out in no time. Having fun in your life helps you cope better with stress. Also, laughter, like exercise, can boost heart rate and burn calories too.

However, before you go out tonight to hang out with your friends, you should read this first, “4 Foods You Should Never Eat Before Drinking Alcohol.”

This provides a safety net so you can be sure that you’ll make it to work the next morning.

Enjoying simple childish pleasures in life encourages creativity.

One is never too old for toys and coloring books. These types of activities give us a perfect venue to express ourselves and explore our imagination.

And if you’re not into these types of things, then you just have to come up with something that is more useful to you or gives you a little inspiration.

You can try this – “9 Ways to Style Your Little Black Dress.”

A little black dress is a must-have for every woman. However, we would like to avoid being identified with the same dress all the time so a little variety is never a bad thing.

The world is your playground ladies.

Despite our jam-packed work schedule, it is important to find time to come out and play and energize ourselves. And like children, we should learn to have fun with the simplest of things and appreciate life the way it was meant to be.