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Step Up & Own Your Brilliance By Advertising Your Strength & Respecting Your Boundaries


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By Anne Cacherell

I always look forward to writing about increasing our value as women, but I don’t want to sound generic and boring. I want to make sure that the advice I give is interesting, new, and as helpful as possible for you ladies out there!

While I was doing my research, I typed in “how to increase your value as a woman.” The search results were unbelievable. I was never more convinced that the world needs serious changing when it comes to gender equality.

Here are some of the hits:

• How to Increase Your Value — “In a Man’s Eyes”
• How to Improve Your Self-Worth — “To Win a Man’s Heart”
• How to be a — “Man Magnet By Increasing Your Value in His Eyes”

Seriously? Don’t get me wrong, ladies. I am pro-woman, but I am not anti-man either. I don’t see anything bad in these articles, but it’s just that it caught me by surprise.

I am not overreacting, but I don’t think I was ever informed that this is how women “operate” now. I, however, still would like to believe that we “prettify” ourselves primarily because we want to feel good from the inside out and not because we want to attract other people’s attention, right?

Anyway, I hope that we are all on the same page on this one.

Honestly, girls, talking about empowerment made me miss my best friend more. Her name is Paula. I haven’t seen her in years since I moved out of the country and married the man I love.

As best friends we are also greatest enemies sometimes! She can be very annoying, if you know what I mean. She is so brutally honest and tells me things that I never want to hear. Whenever I would do something stupid, she’d never let me get away with it and would tell me how dumb I was right to my face.

Being friends with people like that is like eating vegetables all the time; you can’t stand the taste, but you’ll eat them anyway because you know they’re good for you.

So today, allow me to share my life’s greatest lessons I’ve learned from my best friend.

Age doesn’t count but calories do!

I grew up not eating vegetables. When I was a little girl my mother would always cook separate food for me when the family wanted to eat them. I was probably crazy, but in my head it was like eating grass, like an animal munching on leaves!

However, Paula was always very health conscious. She never stopped encouraging me to eat healthy foods. Believe me, she was so good at it that she convinced me to finish a bowl of vegetable salad on her 27th birthday.

So in my Paula voice I say check this piece out, “4 Foods That Can Make You Look Older.” Start being more conscious about the types of food you put in your body, it’s one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make.

Be in the know!

According to Martin Luther King Jr., “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere arrogance and conscientious stupidity.”

Being clueless about significant social, political and global issues is not sexy at all. You don’t need to be a genius to do this, just read. Be street smart and learn some basic life hacks.

Having mentioned that, here’s something that, most likely, you’ve never heard of – “3 Colors You Should Never Wear on a First Date.”

Well, this probably won’t apply to those who are in relationships (for now!) but you can always share it with your friends who are still in the dating arena.

Advertise your strength.

Whether you are sitting or standing tall with your 5-inch heels, speak your mind like a real queen. And never ever agree to something just for the sake of being a “nice person.”

In “Stop Saying You’re Fine,” writer Daryl Lindsey encourages women everywhere to say what they really mean.

Emotions don’t make us crazy, suppressing our feelings do.

It’s okay not be okay all the time. And though it seems easier to just keep your silence and play it cool, it takes a lot for someone to actually speak her mind.

Acknowledge boundaries & respect other women.

Girls can compete with each other, but real women empower one another.

Be sensitive to the feelings of your friends and other people around you. A real brilliant woman wouldn’t put someone in an embarrassing position just to get her way or feel better about herself.

Asking too much personal questions and being intrusive is a violation of a person’s beliefs, preferences and feelings.

To leave you with a good example, here’s “Stop Asking Me When I’m Going to Get Engaged.”

Written by a woman who’s so fed up of invasive questions about her personal life plans, this piece provides a vivid explanation on why these questions are offensive.

It is only when you feel strong and capable that you can shine bright like a diamond! You are a woman. Be fierce, be amazing and never ever let your guard down!