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Here’s How Making a Killer First Impression Applies to Much More In Life Than You Think

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By Anne Cacherell

The world is a stage and we are all actors. We all do our little performances every day when we pretend to listen to someone really boring, when we force a laugh at a friend’s super corny joke or when we fake a smile over an annoying situation.

I love this skill! It gives me the chance to step out of myself for a little bit, internalize someone else’s character and become someone new, especially when the situation calls for it.

During my freshman year, I had to wake up 3-4 hours early and travel 2 hours every day to reach my class on time. I knew I had to do something to end this madness.

I asked my senior friend to help me find a dormitory inside the university but she told me I don’t stand a chance because they only accept students, who are living very far, like 5-10 hours, away from the city. She also told me that all of them were full except for one.

The dormitory that had a vacancy had a manager, who had a reputation for being overly conservative and strict. But, I really wanted to give it a try so I came up with this little plan.

The thing with acting is that you can actually transform yourself to be more agreeable. So, I came up with this nerdy character in my mind to give the manager the impression that I was a nerdy girl, incapable of creating any trouble.

Of course, I needed props and a costume. So, I wore thick specs that I borrowed from a friend, baggy jeans and over-sized shirt. To make it look more convincing, I carried a big, heavy knapsack on my back, did a slouching posture and walked like a school kid.

During the interview, I had to sound timid so I talked softly and slowly. I also kept nodding my head and tried not to yawn while the manager was discussing her rules and regulations.

After almost an hour, I stepped out of the manager’s office, still in character. As I walked down the dormitory’s entrance stairs, I imagined myself on the stage, with red drapes complete with lighting effects, standing before an audience thundering with applause and a voice announcing“and the best actress award goes to…”

I went straight to my friend’s place to share the good news. She didn’t recognize me right away because of what I was wearing, and when I told her I got in, she was speechless. And together with her roommates, she clapped her hands slowly and they all gave me a standing ovation.

Creating an impression begins within 7 seconds of presenting ourselves to someone, with or without interaction.

Most likely, we all want to make a good and lasting one.

In “Bad Grammar Is a Deal Breaker When It Comes to Online Dating,” writer Suzannah Weiss shows what a person’s spelling and grammar skills could reveal about them.

Ladies, make a good first impression by presenting yourself intelligently.

In an online dating setting, your writing skills, including the way you use your punctuation marks, reveals a lot about your attitude, whether you are serious, lazy, or educated. Therefore, it makes sense that if you’re looking for someone intelligent like you, it’s best to always screen your writing and theirs.

Make it personal. Give them a reason to remember you.

It’s not just about us and our business all the time.

In “3 Essential Stories You Need on Your Website to Attract Customers,” writer Judy Carter explains the importance of using the power of storytelling to create an emotional bond between our business and our customers.

Aside from sharing your personal story and your company’s humble beginnings, you also have to take interest in your customers’ stories and how your products or services benefit them.

Adjust your attitude, girls!

People could pick up your attitude instantly. And they could easily tell if you are friendly and approachable even before you say hello or start a conversation.

This article is a little disturbing – “Generation I: Why Millennials Maybe the Most Insecure Group of All Time.”

However, it’s interesting to know how the majority see us. Not that they’re being judgmental, but it’s probably really obvious in our body language. And now that we are aware of it, then we can be more conscious on how we present ourselves to people. So, just always carry a nice smile and a positive attitude all the time!

Think ahead and always be prepared.

Be one step ahead of the game with these “Perfect Outfits for All Your Toughest Situations.”

Who likes being caught off-guard? No one! So, we always have to be alert and ready for anyone or anything that will come our way, be it our boss, a potential lover, our ex or even his new girlfriend.

We only have one shot in creating a good and lasting first impression, so we have to nail it by making sure that we start out on the right foot.