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Gaining True Followers Isn’t So Easy, 4 Ways to Get the Traffic that Your Businesses Needs


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By Lucy Clara

A simple strategy for your internet business is easier said than done. However, with much hard work, it can be achieved. The question is just how far are you actually willing to go to achieve the success that you are looking for? Sometimes it may come at a small price, other times it may be for free, but are freebies really all they’re cracked up to be?

A reputable marketing strategy is the difference between success within your business and a failure at the jump. You need to meet your customers demands and be willing to move as their perceptions and ideals change as well. Catching up to your audience’s whims is what successful businesses are all about!

The good news is there are just as many options as there are potential customers and choosing the right one may help you gain the push that you need. With these 4 tips, you’ll learn how to gain more followers to your site and learn about the options available to help you to overcome the stagnancy that’s plaguing your business.

#1) Never Overstep Your Boundaries

Did you know that you can actually pay for followers on your social media site for an affordable price? If you have a blog or other business that you are trying desperately to grow, you’ve probably linked it to your business Facebook page. Sounds tempting doesn’t it? Especially when no one seems interested in what you have to say.

Is it really worth it to purchase all those likes from people you’ll probably never meet or even say hello to? If you just want points to look cool, then it may be a viable option, but it won’t necessarily get you anywhere in terms of gaining more genuine traffic. Basically you are rolling the dice in terms of who or what is added to your friends list. Not exactly the smartest marketing scheme to go by because not everyone will be interested in your product or what you have to say.

#2) Do It the Organic Way

No one should have to pay for friends, offline or in cyberspace. For business, it can prove to be a lazy way out, but you aren’t actually building revenue from it. The most effective way, instead, is to create viable content that people are truly interested in. The more engaging you are with your site, the more people will flock and even share your thoughts with their friends. People can also tell true genuine interest vs. being phony. Love what you do and have a vested interested and your page will shine. If you’re only doing it for profit, then the business may be lacking in heart.

Many businesses have blogs that accompany their webpage so that customers can get the inside scoop. This very idea alone helps to drive more traffic to a site, thus creating more demand for a product. Not to mention it looks cooler to engage with your customers on a level that’s not always about selling. Customers today are fickle and although people consume more than they ever have in history, customers also like to feel like human beings. So, if you have a website that doesn’t seem to be gaining traction, consider a blog. If you can afford it, try hiring someone that is solely in charge of creating charming content that will entice your audience  to spread the word about your business.

#3) Work Harder

It’s not enough to just have a site. You also need to provide buttons and other features that allow your customers access to things they need, such as Instagram, sharing, emailing, the whole nine yards. Not only that, but your webpage should be extremely easy to navigate. So easy, that your widgets and buttons can be located within seconds upon stumbling upon your page.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to search painstakingly all over a webpage in search of contact information. Don’t make it a hassle for customers. Put your buttons at the top and around your content so that it is there when they are ready to use them. In fact, adding these helpful features, will likely boost your traffic by 22%.

#4) Your Audience Isn’t a Monolith

You may have a particular demographic that tends to visit your site on a daily basis, but this doesn’t mean that you should give up on personalization. Each and every customer is different. I may like enjoy reading A Beautiful Messbut that doesn’t mean that my tastes are exactly the same as other readers who frequent the blog.

The good thing about personalized ads is that they create customized buttons to click on, according to other sites that a customer frequents. If I like sports, then I’ll see a sports ad. This works for everyone. The good thing about customized ads is they help to boost your traffic while giving your customers a unique experience.

Advertising your site shouldn’t come with an expensive price tag, unless it’s actually helping to boost the business, such as creating a better webpage or adding features that will surely gain more traction. There are so many resources in how to gain a larger following that it’s almost impossible to fail. With the right tools and the ability to pick your audience’s brain in terms of taste, you’ll have more followers than you can keep up with. Then you’ll have another set of obstacles to overcome.

Please tell us what you think of this story! Are you a follower on certain websites and not others? Why? What draws you to your favorite online websites. We want to hear your suggestions and opinions!