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7 Ways Adding Leather to Your Wardrobe Can Create a Timeless Look

Image by: The Urban Scot
By Krista Michaels

Sometimes it takes a new and exciting pop item to revive your wardrobe, but sometimes all it takes is to work in some timeless pieces that can be used over and over again to build new outfits. In this case, we’re talking leather. Leather can work as a neutral in a variety of pieces and it also a totally functional material.

And for the totally vegan minded out there, faux leather is readily available in every color shape and size as well. Here are some leather items you should definitely be adding to your wardrobe.

#1) A Leather Purse

There are a ton of different sizes and shapes of leather purse options, and there are a few different reasons why you should invest in one. For one thing, leather is going to accept a lot more wear and tear than other materials. Not only does it resist ripping due to its strength, but when it gets a little beat up it actually just looks good. Old leather can actual look better than new leather. When it comes to purses, durability is king, but leather purses also look good. Nothing is sleeker than a leather purse.

#2) A Leather Jacket

If you do not already own a leather jacket, what on earth are you waiting for? Leather jackets are not just for the rebels and the nightlife people of the world. The style of jacket is going to give you very different looks, so just look around until you find the right construction and color for you. A leather jacket is timeless enough that it is equally appropriate for the most casual daytime wear, as it is for more formal events. Nothing can keep a formal look looking young and fun like mixing things up with a leather jacket on top.

#3) Leather Shoes

You probably already have a pair of leather shoes or two in your closet, but don’t think in limited terms of boots. Leather shoes can also be a hot choice in a casual wear sneaker, or any version of a sandal. Keep in mind that leather shoes can stretch out a bit when you wear them so you might want to go with the slightly more snug size that is still comfortable.

#4) Items With Leather Trim

Wearing an all leather top might not appeal to you, but you can find a lot of shirts out there for work or play that incorporate some leather detailing into the trim and flair. You can go for a shirt with a leather peplum on the bottom, a leather collar accent on a button down shirt, and just leather trim around the wrists or neck. If there is a leather detail that you want, you can probably find it.

#5) Leather Pants

You read that right! Don’t shy away from the idea of leather pants due to the wild or uncomfortable factor. Modern leather pants can be found is lighter weight which doesn’t cling to you and induce too much sweat, and different fits and styles can be found that look a little more sleek than the traditional leather pant you might be thinking of. Think more along the lines of those slouchy, pajamas type pants, but in a leather to keep them from looking like actual pajamas. Or, go with leather leggings for an interesting and incredible versatile take on the look.

#6) Leather Belts

Another way to add some leather flair to an outfit yourself without going out and purchasing a whole new leather wardrobe, is to get a couple great leather belts and then throw them over you long t-shirts, sweaters, and dresses. Play around with different widths and flexibility for totally different looks. You can veer into different color territory with belts really easily. Think beyond black and brown to blues, greens, or any other color that you might be able to work into your wardrobe on a regular basis.

#7) Leather Skirt

This is a totally different item in your closet than the leather pants. A great leather skirt can be work appropriate but also make a great option for hitting the after work drinks circuit. Leather skirts of course come in a variety of styles from fitted mini to a-line ankle length, just depending on what you need. Feel free to experiment and once you find one that you are into you might be surprised at how often you can work it into your wardrobe without feeling like you are repeating the same outfit.

Do you already love leather or have you been unsure about to work more of the timeless clothing items into your wardrobe? Let us know!