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7 Styles You Can Be Ready for When Spring Closet Cleaning Comes Around

Image by: Rubbermaid
By Krista Michaels

We might still be right in the midst of the cooler winter months, but it is not too early to start thinking about spring. After all, the more closet assessing and clearing out you can do now, the more focused you’ll be on the next season of clothing items. See the holes in your current wardrobe as an opportunity to have fun filling them. Here are some trends that are expected to be coming up in the next few months.

#1) Yellow

Every season has a few pop colors, and this coming spring a major projected one is yellow! Some people shy away from yellow because of how it can look against different skin tones and hair colors, and while you don’t want to look like a highlighter you can always find a different shade of the color to better suit you. Everything from a more gold toned yellow to a super light and bright yellow fit for picnicking on the lawn are going to be making appearances. Just don’t settle on the first yellow item you see and take an honest friend with you shopping to point out which ones make your skin tone pop as opposed to blend.

#2) Shirt-dresses

Not much can go wrong with a nice clean button down collard shirt, and this season the appeal of that shirt is making its way into dress territory. Think you favorite collared shirt but just long. When you wear this look it’s going to be important to belt it up to make sure that you don’t look like you’re in a nightgown or something, but there is a lot of room for play when it comes to the shoe department.

Strappy sandals work, as do high boots. You can take this look to work since it’s conservative enough, or you can take it to any weekend function. This season you might even see some fun details like high slits or more movement to keep the shape interesting.

#3) Black & White

Yes yellow is going to big a big pop color, but mixing black and white in a variety of patterns and layouts is going to be huge this spring as well. Think sweaters with black and white patterning, stripes, blocking, and any other way you can mix the two neutrals. This look can work for anyone because it’s hard to do wrong and you probably already have a ton of white and black pieces that you can whip together to make a new looking outfit.

#4) Gingham

While the cooler months are full of plaid, the thawing season is going to reveal a bunch of gingham. This check pattern is also great for rocking that black and white trend mentioned above. To avoid looking like a throwback lady of the house, look for sleeker cuts or wear the pattern in a single piece of clothing as opposed to in a flouncy dress. Unless that’s the look that you’re going for, of course.

#5) Blue & White

In addition to black and white, blue and white is also going to be a big trend. Think pairing different clothing items together int he two different colors, or finding pieces that incorporate them both. It’s a great way to make a pretty big statement without even having to hit the pattern circuit.

#6) White on White

Winter whites are cool, but spring whites are going to be all about the layering. Think white denim, lightweight sweaters, and cozy t-shirts. Don’t shy away from wearing white on white because of any body insecurities either, when your white jeans are the right cut and fit for your body it can be very flattering. To keep this look interesting and dynamic, mix up textures in your whites. Or rather, don’t do denim on denim or cotton on cotton, but like knit with denim instead.

#7) Lightweight Trench Coats

Throw away everything you thought about trench coats, because this coming spring season they are taking a lightweight, kimono type twist. Think less structure in the collar area and more like silky movement with tie belts. These coats are super versatile for work or play and can be the perfect pairing to calm down your busy patterns or compliment your all white outfits.

What do you think of these projected spring trends? Do you feel like you already have some of these options in your closet or are you planning a major shopping spree for the season? Let us know!