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Great Style on a Low Budget: 5 Ways to Cultivate a More Creative Wardrobe

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Image by: Judi Cox
By Sophie Stockholm

It’s particularly challenging to stay on a budget and have great style, but it is possible. One of the biggest reasons that I admire the French way of styling is that there is a practical approach to it. They don’t simply dress great, but they wear they mix and match the same clothing items to make it appear as though it’s a completely different outfit ( how resourceful) making their closets not so inundated with clothes they never wear.

Well not everyone is French, however, but a more budget- friendly approach can be made when it comes to great style on a budget, particularly, this time of year, when really cool things are on sale.

Here are some ways to stay fashion conscious while keeping your credit card in the green.

#1) Have a Clothing-swap Party

Many of us have clothing items in our closets that we don’t necessarily wear or can fit. What better way to get rid of these items in place of some more useful items than a clothing-swap?

One man’s trash as is another man’s ( or woman’s ) treasure. Finding new and exciting clothes this way is a great way to obtain clothing without spending a dime.

To organize a clothing-swap, simply organize a group of friends or other people that you know, who have similar sizes as you (otherwise it won’t work).

Swapping parties are a great way to pick up on new fashion trends or to freshen up on your wardrobe for no money at all. Well, except for maybe a bottle of wine and food, but other than that it’s basically free!

#2) Choose Timeless Classics

Timeless classics- such as a little black dress, or shoes that transcend time are examples of classic pieces- articles that will never go out of style and you will look great for years to come.

These are also your foundation pieces, items used to build upon in your wardrobe. When searching for classic pieces, stay away from trendy colors and fashions, as these will be long out of style as soon as you can say ‘runway!’

#3) Second-hand Shops & Thrift Stores

There are a variety of reasons why people may donate money to charities or unlike popular belief, many of these clothes are in current styles and trends. Places like Buffalo Exchange, a hip consignment shop where you can buy and sell gently used fashions, is a great place to go in finding the latest styles. On top of that, you also get paid if they take your items and use that money to buy more clothes.

Be careful when choosing clothing from a thrift store though,  as sometimes there may be holes, button missing and other issues. Many of the problems are minor if you can sew.

#4) Customize Current Clothes

You may have some clothes that you love, hidden in your closet that are slightly outdated, but can simply be brought up to style with a few tweaks. If you are savvy with a sewing machine, then you can follow a pattern, hem, tuck- the possibilities are endless.

If your clothing is well made then chances are it will always be in style and will make a great piece on the foundation of an outfit or new design.

#5) Great Style is Subjective

It’s not very important to follow trends, especially if you don’t want to look like everyone else. So many people try to conform to what’s in and what’ out with little idea what they truly like. This is the reason for so many people getting into a style rut.

Once you learn how certain items fit you and what you look best in, then you can make better choices as far as color, fit, size, etc. Not everyone looks great in every trendy style that comes out and many styles aren’t accommodating to certain body types. People should accentuate their best features because that is what gets them noticed rather than an ill-fitting outfit that is in style.

Styling yourself doesn’t have to involve a large amount of money in your bank account or department stores, but rather an eye for those gems that you can find in unexpected places on a budget.

Staying within your budget is surprising becoming easier and easier when it comes to fashions. Great style is no longer only for the elite but something for everyone. When you look good, you feel good and great style doesn’t require a high cost.

What do you think makes great style? Do you feel more confident when you have better clothes on or do you feel confident and t shirt and sweats? Fashion is so diverse that it’s hard to choose from. Let’s hear your thoughts.