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Christmas Party in the Plans? Here are 4 Fashion Tips to Look Your Holiday Best

Image by: Brendan Lally
By Sophie Stockholm

The holidays are finally upon us! As if it isn’t stressful enough having to play host to visiting relatives, cooking holiday dinners and gift-wrapping presents, there’s also parties on the horizon. Great! At least you’ll be able to strut your stuff. The only problem is, you haven’t a thing to wear.

You want to look sexy, but you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. You know those girls who seem to look polished and put together despite their hair being a little messy and clothes nonchalantly but strategically placed. It’s that effortless ease that they seem to have. Even if she is going out on a limb, taking hours to get ready, you’ll never know, because she’s cool like that. Yeah, you want to be one of those girls that don’t give a care. But no one has to know that you do!

You’ll also want to feel special. Afterall, you didn’t put in all that effort buying a new dress, getting a haircut and purchasing new makeup for nothing. Perhaps, you’ll meet that special someone and the two of you will hit it off by the end of the night.

Put your best foot forward with poise and grace this holiday season. At the end of the day, the best accessory is your smile.

Here are ways to up the chic factor this holiday season and turn heads.

#1) Pair Contrasting Elements

Pieces that match too much can age and make you look a bit, need I say it….Boring! Instead, show off some visual interest with key textiles and patterns that clash but in a good way. What I mean by that is that you want to contrast your clothes.

The more playful, the more merrier. Go ahead and mix that floral skirt with that metallic sweater, like this one! Right now, visual interest is in season, from head to toe.

Looks best paired with simply pieces such as simply embellished shoes or statement jewelry. A key rule to follow is that the more outrageous your outfit the more simple your jewelry should be. However if you wear, say, a little black dress, or any simple dress in any array of colors, then the bolder you can go with your jewelry. For a more grown-up look find one focal point and subdue other areas.

#2) Tis’ the Season to Bring on the Bling!

If you want to stand out in a big way, go with bold, eye-catching statement jewelry. This year it’s all about the bold and daring. No need to fuss with a dress, as your jewelry will do all the talking. You’ll stand out among the crowd and look fantastic while donning a necklace, such as this one.

Statement Pieces look great with a leopard print as well as chambray, red lipstick, while your other pieces more neutral. One of the best things about statement necklaces is that they highlight your beautiful face, while taking attention away from areas you might not be so proud of. No matter your style, there’s always a look to go with statement jewelry.

#3) Glamorous in Bed

If you’re looking for a racy, glamour look, try pairing a lace or silk romper with a fluffy faux fur coat. All you’ll need are simple pearls and you’re all set.

As for makeup, up the ante on romance with soft feminine colors, while going a bit bolder with your eyes, but not too bold, as the point of the outfit is to look girly feminine, not rocker feminine, unless you’re just into a more edgy look. Tarte has the perfect colors to pair with your outfit to look luxuriously sexy.

If a short romper isn’t for you, try this sexy pant romper on for size.

#4) How about Something Quirky

Just because it’s a holiday bash doesn’t mean that you have to go all out in the heels and pearls. If your style is a little more off the beaten path, then how about trying glittery oxfords with a gown? It’s a cool take on a menswear look and because you’re not wearing uncomfortable heels, you’ll be ready for anything.  With an ankle grazing maxi dress and a blazer placed on your shoulders, you’ll look like a hip cat.

Step out of your comfort zone, literally and figuratively with this unique look. At least you may not have to worry about anyone else showing up in the same outfit.

These 4 looks for the holiday season festivities will surely get you noticed. Whatever your style is, make sure that you wear it with confidence!

Holiday parties are fun-the music, the dancing, the food, the wine. Which of these 4 looks is your favorite? Least favorite? Christmas time is the good time to cozy up to someone and being with family and friends. How do you plan on ringing Christmas?