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5 Fashions You Need to Be Lounging in for Style & Comfort

Image by: Dave J Doe
By Reaghan Belfor

‘Tis the season of intense stress and chaos. ‘Tis also the season for rewarding yourself with relaxation. Immediately, we want to reach for our old college sweaters and a pair of dirty yoga pants. We wrap ourselves in blankets with sleeves and watch holiday movies.

Sure it’s definitely your “me” time, but spoil yourself this year.

This year, lounge in style. Ditch the old rags, and grab some awesome new items on the market today. Make your no-make-up selfie pop with these five hot, stylish items for your relaxation day.

#1) Oversized Cashmere Sweaters

Who needs a torn up college sweater when all of the sales point to cashmere? Sure you may have finally gotten the cotton on that old sweater to the point of threadbare softness you want it, but cashmere is naturally softer than that old thing.

Go ahead! Wrap yourself up in style and comfort this year by reaching for some smooth cashmere threads.

I like to by my lazy day sweaters on or two sizes too big. That way I can let it all loose underneath. Sometimes I even pull my arms into the sweater and cover up nicely for more warmth and comfort.

LL Bean has wonderful cashmere styles in all of the colors of this season! Check out the company website, and don’t be afraid to spoil yourself!

#2) Sherpa Throw

Say “goodbye” to the Snuggie, and say “hello” to the silky, stylish comfort of an ultra-soft Sherpa throw. These blankets are excellent for snuggling on the couch with your partner, or wrapping yourself up for a quiet night in.

Don’t get overly concerned when you find yourself petting the blanket absentmindedly as you read your favorite book. It happens to the best of us!

While LL Bean has a great selection of these throws, Kohls has a nice line at very reasonable prices.

#3) The Matching Pillow

What’s a blanket without a matching pillow? In most cases, you can find silky, soft blankets attached to a pillow. However, most throws don’t come in a set like this.

If you can’t find a Sherpa throw with a matching pillow, check out the linens aisle of your favorite home décor store. Here you can find a lot of great pillows equally as comfortable and as soft as your Sherpa throw.

Choose a color that matches or accents your new lounging throw to add to your relaxation day.

#4) Super Comfy Sleepwear

Why change at all for your relaxation reward? There is nothing wrong with staying in your pajamas on your day off when you’re not going out. You’re rewarding yourself for making it through the hectic holidays; give yourself a break!

When you’re out shopping for gifts, slip on over to the sleepwear section and snag yourself a comfy silk pajama set. Whether it is pants and a shirt; a slip and a robe; or an adult sized onesie, get yourself set for your day of relief!

It is bound to be a chilly winter! You may decide to ditch the silk and reach for flannel. I say, there are some great looking flannel pajama sets out there! Check out LL Bean’s catalogue to see the hot sleepwear items this year!

#5) Stylin’ Slippers

One of the worst things about the winter months is the temperature of your floors. I remember standing at the bathroom sink and feeling my core body temperature falling.

This year, protect yourself from the drafty floors, and get yourself a stylish pair of slippers to compliment your sleep wear.

This year, fleece slippers will keep your feet warm and cozy.

You should also look into the moccasin style that is all the rage. I love this style, because the accented stitching really appeals to my love for contrasting colors. There are a lot of different lines out there.

You can even get moccasin style slippers with wool on the inside. Choose the color that matches your Sherpa throw to give you the full comfy experience!

Snuggle up with a big mug of hot chocolate on your day off and enjoy a little rest and relaxation! You’ve earned it.

This year, lean more toward lounging in style. While everyone loves their vintage lazy day clothes, get yourself a little something new this year! It never hurts to spoil yourself just a little bit over the holidays. A Sherpa throw with a matching pillow can warm you up, while you take a selfie of your new couch potato attire! What are some ways you lounge in style? Share with us in the comments below!